What software do I load? For example, if a customer wants to have network bandwidth of 4GigE to service increasing needs of an application but has no free server slot or does not want to immediately purchase new 10GigE cards, it can have a link aggregate of 4 links each of1gigE capacity to service its needs. Using the route command to put the new route into effect on the system as follows: In normal conditions, the backup link does not carry traffic. Configuring the identity of a default gateway on your local machine can be done in any of four ways:. Always verify that the switch setting is the recommended one used across your site such as FD.

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Choose Mark for Install from the Actions menu to choose the bundle. This is due because the latest HWEnable bundle December was installed. For maintenance and troubleshooting information about the current 10 Gigabit, Gigabit, and Ux11o Ethernet drivers, see the Ethernet Support Guide.

Complete book in PDF.

Optional Select Preview to see the commands that will be executed. Run the swinstall command. To verify IP-level connectivity with a remote system, enter: This is done transparently to the applications to ensure a highly available environment. etheernet

How to install gigabit ethernet drivers

ADA 11i v2 and v3 only: Click OK to continue or Cancel to quit the process. Link aggregation with Virtual Connects is not supported as LACP is not supported on the downlink between Blade and Virtual Connect although uplink from Virtual Connect to custome r network is supported.


If setting up first network access on a system, you will need an IP address, and a host name.

Plug LAN card into the appropriate switch port. To verify the configuration, use the netstat command to display the current routing table. You can add and delete routes in this table by using the route command. Is the software on the system? In this case, you will encounter collisions and dropped packets and potentially poor 1g0igabit performance or c1 see the switch disable the network port due to a perceived high error rate.

Always verify that the switch setting is the recommended one used across your site such as FD. To see if the driver software bundle is loaded on your hard drive, run swlist.

Once your IP address and subnet mask have been set, HP-UX should be able to deliver data to any node on your local network. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. Install or update the driver if needed to the latest version. 10gigabkt feature automatically searches for links that qualify for HP Auto-Port Aggregation trunking and, when they are identified, automatically configures them into a trunk.


HP Auto-Port Aggregation’s load balancing also attempts to maximize ethernef over the links.

Allows scaling of networks to improve aggregate throughput with flexibility to scale up or down based on the bandwidth requirements Provides redundancy or link aggregation of network ports. This means the card and driver are installed successfully. The physical port selected will be used to send packets for the duration of the specific data flow. If the MTU has not changed, enter the following commands as root:.

Cisco’s protocol for automatic trunk discovery and automatic link aggregate configuration. The following entries define the routing for a single interface on a system. All of the currently used networking drivers are included in the latest quarterly HP-UX update.

10GigEthr-00 (ixgbe) 10 Gigabit Ethernet Driver for HP-UX

This should get the system up and connected to any local networks. After editing the netconf file, to start services and 10gigabbit the new route, use: Installation is complete when you have successfully run nwmgrping and netstat.

This routing table is dynamic information on how to route to a specific system or network.