Coachbuilding for the Relatively Regular Customer? One year ago, i saw a brand spanking new dodge caliber for sale at the dealer by my house. That was the best part of the car, along with the big trunk. Maybe even the Nissan Versa! La sfacciatella mi e fuggita di mano. Current dealer inventory sits at 51 days. Fortunately I did not buy it.

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The handling is not far behind my BMW X3, and that is one precise machine. I drove a base model 97 Neon for six years till it died on me with little to no problems until then.

Third, my Caliber is also passing up gas stations. I for one like the caliber and really like mine with AWD…just wait all you honda owneres when the hp srt4 comes out next month.

And why is fake leather made out of vinyl like you find canadianrriver other cars any better?

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Otherwise, the Caliber has plenty of room for official paperwork, a cubby hole for a radio mike, a center console with a volt auxiliary power outlet for radio and siren controls and a washable hard-surfaced cargo area for rally signage.

What is the point?


If the SUVette style created here ultimately falls flat, DCX may be forced to change the concept and the name yet again, and building name recognition for a canadiandrriver nameplate would cost a fortune. I would hesitate to take the Caliber anywhere close to the places Ive been god I need to buy that skidplate. Second, my Caliber is steering away from repair shops. God, those Germans are brilliant. I rent cars long term for work.

It actually handled WELL.

Dodge Caliber Review

But when that fades, the actual CAR has to stand on its own. Yeah, I think you guys are really being harsh for entertainment sake. My impression from having had a Caliber as a loaner a few weeks ago… The first thing I noticed when getting in it was the hard plastic on every surface you usually touch, such as elbow rests.

Oh yeah… every time I see this canaidandriver I expect a bunch of clowns to jump out of it. Finance Quote for F. I think this is a good product from DCX at this segment, it will at least keep people noticed if they want something similar, instead of forcing them to go to the competitor.

Suffice it to say, keep the rpm around and the Caliber motors along in relative quiet. If a Caliber is on the road 20 years from now, at least the plastic interior will still look like new. There are many other econo box cookie cutters you can choose from so why build another one? Now why would I need to do that? Mediocrity Personified in Sedans of The Caliber will sell like hotcakes in Europe.


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The interior is full of clever amenties. This car is in a completely different class than the Neon. My guess is that its the base model that is selling so well.

After adjusting for feature differences: Thanks for the data. The buying public completely disagrees with this review. While the Caliber may be less expensive than a new OBS or Forester, you can get an less-than-1 year old one for about the same price as this.

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The bang for the low-budget buck, perhaps? Neither of the other cars suffered any damage whatsoever, not even a scratch.