Channel Switching and Software Conversion. AD input impedance different to what is explained in AN? AD – grounding considerations. AD – operating at half the range setting. Reliability data of AD

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AD digital interface check. AD and AD busy indicator usage. AD internal short for debug.

Single Micrel FET MIC driver – Documents – Precision ADCs – EngineerZone

AD undocumented gain settings. Timing for analog input selection to CS falling. Are the diagnostics in AD still useful? First conversion is incorrect. That is why each end requires an inverter on 1 of the 447 or FETs so that it is biased to turn on at the correct time.

BUSY indicator staying High. What power supplies does the AD require? Extending the capacitance input range of AD AD – power supply sequence. Supply figure 23 in datasheet Rev A.


AD at 5Msps output datarate. Choice of decoupling capacitors.

Single Micrel FET MIC4427 driver

What is the benefit of the post filters versus the standard sinc filters? ADC for low range pressure transducer. AVDD monitor and temperature sensor channel. Noise when switching from chop to non-chop mode. AD recommended usage of VDD. AD AD level sensing demo.


Direct interface for resolver with AD2S Driving the reference input. AD Evaluation Board firmware. AD Ouput drive capability. AD External reference Vref typo?

DirectFET™ – Infineon Technologies

Usage of LDAC pins. AD application question re 6-wire loadcell. Should an anti-alias filter be used with the ADC?

Resolver to Digital simulation models. AD2S or alternative for use with 2kHz excitation?

AD v AD for precise measurements in presence of external vibration. Why is this the case? Fer driven from the port pin. AD power supply problem. Output short circuit specifications.