If the on time is of the order of 20 microseconds and the inductor starts from zero it will get to a couple of amperes back-of-envelope guesstimation. Notify me of new comments via email. Dimming the Nixies by Peter H. There’s also an average of about 5 mA being wasted in R1. Wise Clock 4 with two displays.

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The varying output voltage proportional to the input voltage can probably be explained by the absence of a stable reference voltage. The following table shows the final itemized losses found in the final nixiee at 3. Thanks Allan for the great comment and help to make this USB compliant.

This part of the circuit allows to vary the duty-cycle of the output signal between 5 and 95 percent.

Because the Wurth Inductor is fully shielded, this is not an issue and is the best overall choice for low profile and footprint. Become a member to follow this project and never miss any updates Become a member.

The is driving another transistor that simply cuts off the voltage on the base of that “main” transistor. This phase nuxie looks to be greater than 45 degrees. Email Address never made public.


Maybe a more exotic soft switched flyback topology could achieve higher efficiency using custom magnetics. If nxie have a “flashing dot” neon and reduced its intensity with a higher anode resistor already it may fail to operate below a certain dimming.

This was obtained through both experimental and calculations means. The rise time of the output voltage is approximately 25ms, limiting the inrush current of the supply at startup or when the enable pin is pulled low.

The DCM boost converter is a good topology choice for a nixie tube display. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I used it to get a simple logic signal of whether the USB connector is connected to a battery charger and then fed this to the enable pin of the switching controller.

Optimizing the 5v to 170v Nixie Tube Power Supply Design (Part 2)

Apart from the “high complexity” mixie cannot use e. In this circuit, the feedback is created by using a transistor to pull down on the control voltage node of thewhich reduces the upper switching threshold.

View all 2 project logs. At full load, the efficiency was also measured as the input voltage was raised to 12v.

Nixie Power Supply | Finally, I have a working solid-sta… | Flickr

At 9V, it would give voltages closer to V with a load and about V at 8V nxie a load. Great article, I am enjoying what I am reading! Switch your brain on, think, reconsider and then act. Most micro-B connectors have a 1. I will fix it. I got all the parts and I prototyped it on a breadboard. Let me know what solution you have? Now, hixie idea is to build a boost converter and not a flyback one.


To ensure there was an adequate margin for the inductor energy i. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. One of the design tweaks discovered during the experimental verification was that the DCM boost converter can reduce the power FET turn-off loss by adding a snubber capacitor, C15 in parallel with Q1.

The trick is, that the high voltage is switched and not regulated. It will deliver about 38v in this configuration. The limited output current of the means that the MOSFET can’t switch quickly from full-off to full-on and back again.

I have just released plans for a VFD power supply with automatic dimming. Mark Smith 12 Comments.