I was getting mad, installed a backup, but still BSOD daily! All-in-all, the better you are prepared for the disk crash or virus infection that cannot be disinfected by regular antivirus, the simpler is your backup and restore configuration, the better are your chances that True Image can save your day. When I get more time, I’ll retest 1. Where I completely agree with you is the point that the program should pay more attention to recovery of bad images. In answer to your question, I’ve only got one partition C: There is absolutely no harm in having OS and data on the same disk. Then after return you see “Remaining:

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There is obviously something wrong with my installation of True Image even though it seems to run fine. And having a reliable back up software is the issue most users are trying to grapple with in this review board. Techguy’s assessment contains a very valid point about the dismal ability of cope with errors in Acronis images. Totally safe software, free volyme charge and stunning code It has enough flexibility to accommodate most of the home PC backup arconis and is a very I would like to stress the word very!

But here situation is hopeless: Someone has an idea for solving this problem,please, appreciate Acronis is a derivative of Ghost. From the Acronis program on your hard drive, go into Utilities and generate yourself a boot CD they call it bootable media.

You’re a champ to share your experience with me. To enable it to handle USB 3.

I have already done nearly everything you suggested. It is to bad that Acronis can’t expand its beta testing base as Microsoft did when Windows 10 started out. About all you can’t do is set up there automatic features for which I have no interest, and I don’t even have the program on my hard disk once I have generated the boot diskas I don’t want its fliter screwing up Windows with which it has become progressively intertwined with successive iterations.


Beware of Acronis “Leftovers” Issues | Wilders Security Forums

For all those years and it took me probably a year to learn the features as well as strong and weak points of the program, including the different reliability of restore from the boot disk and Windows it failed me only once. The black screen with white text saying something like System Failure, boot regularly, safe mode, safe mode with command prompt, etc.

If it passes, then run the Validation of that same drive image via the boot disc’s linux drivers and see if it passes. With the UEFI based discs which, as you probably know have a MB second partition containing low level, but essential boot files, preceding the main C partition and it actually is not labelled independentlythe Recovery Wizard is a bit different, which I figured out by trial and error, in that when you set up the destination disc, you have to go through a two step process where you first pretend to select the FAT 32 partition which is of course absurd and not intuitively obvioushit next and then, a second time go and select the main partition, after which the Recovery works smoothly, as with the MBR discs where you just go through a one step disc selection and don’t deal with partitions if you are backing up and restoring identical images.

BSOD points to Acronis as the culprit | Acronis Forum

If it passes the former, and filfer the latter, and particularly if you are able to boot and restore from files made exclusively from the boot disk, then you’ll have your answer that somehow your backup process via the OS is giving you corrupted files.

So, tty uninstallation really should clean them up too, it’s not the same kind of critical fault, and Paragon has indicated to me via support some willingness to correct that uninstall oversight.


The structure of the image is proprietary and there is zero ability to recover from the errors. TI 12 has actually integrated version management filtsr into Windows 7. They were “pack leaders” for quite a while and I feel sorry for the developers who worked so hard to put them in that position and who seem recently to have been outmaneuvered by a bunch of markeetering promoters of semi-functional annual “upgrade” gimmicks.

Now where did I put that Captain Morgan rum This “there is no free lunch” situation has another side: They’re certainly not getting much from the Acronis developers and their support team who actually seem as bewildered as the users themselves during the past several months.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. It should be this, it should be that. Ran the clean up utility. So it is suitable only for small images, say below 60 GB where buying an additional disk drives for 1: Please stop adding new features and changing user interfaces so your marketing department trj put “NEW” all over your advertising propaganda.

Acronis True Image

Thus managing your versions should be a point of focus in a backup program. Our management team welcomes your comments and suggestions on how we can improve the overall support we provide to you. I have always lived by the “rule” that a DISK can be basic or dynamic. It tells that people who wrote it know something about its typical usage.

Please open the registry editor and find the following keys .