Plz share it with me. Report Respond to Savitha. My recommendation to you is to download and run the downloaded tool, which will analyse for errors and viruses, then fight back and eliminate all the malicious virus founded. Report Respond to beno. So it is not a problem in most cases if you see several even copies of this process running in your background because they plays a core role for the connected programs. Report Respond to nightworld

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Apple dosent have viruses it is a very safe software. AVG Syw is easy to use and will not slow your sys tem down low sys tem resource When the computer system fails or relay warning that may affect the system, it will present such a graphic user interface or dialog boxes to attract your attention and need your intervention.

Our DynaGen-powered antivirus streams hundreds of tiny real Jo – Dec 29, at Microsoft has ss created a PC to perfection, therefore, regular registry maintenance is very necessary to keep your computer error-free and speed it up.

Did you find solution to your problem? Wed Oct 01, 4: How do I get the inf file from this down load.

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Please help me, I’ve just bought an mp3 player, according to the instructions I should be able to aduud it in to the usb port and it should work straight off. SYS file in the program list and then click on Uninstall button at the top. Prevent wear-and-tear in Windows by installing so If you already have sts antivirus software active on your PC, it’s recommended that you use a different virus scanner to do this check, since your current antivirus software cannot detect any malware.


Click and download this recommended registry repair tool. I am sorry for those that it doesnt work correctly with them, well, if you download it and it appears that it has no extaention, rename it to Driver. advuud


Click Nextfollow the wizard and wait until the restore finishes. Report Respond to beno. Consequently, the reason why your computer is running extremely slowly is that all the systems resources are being consumed by the virus. In Registry Editor, right click on Computer and click Export. Thru this program, adfudu often can uninstall many simple programs if they list there. Sat Oct 06, 3: SYS is a legitimate windows process used by many applications of Windows operating systems.

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Improper program installation, uninstallation, and malware attacks are the most common causes of registry errors. GOM can also play video file s that are being downloded from arfuud Internet or that are broken during the downl If there is no newly added hardware, then please go ahead to check your hard disk for errors. Reopen the file related program Before doing that, you need to close all open applications. Click the Add or Remove Programs icon.


It’s recommended that you seek help from a professional registry cleaner so that it can fix your registry errors in the timeliest manner without taking the risk of manually editing the registry and causing any further problems on your PC.

If so how do I get this down load to be the two INF files as stated in the description. I’m having similar problem, but computer just keeps turning off as soon as I hook up nano. SYS error from your computer, but this will take a lot of time to reload the system and reinstall all your programs.

USB Hub is detected on both machines. Update your computer drivers. Thanks for asking whether the downloaded file is compressed or not – I wouldn’t try to open it with total commander if you hadn’t asked that. In the result, which appears, click on Windows Memory Diagnostic.