The above device driver probably originated from the code found at [18]. There are multiple firmwares available. Subscribe Don’t forget to check your email and confirm subscription. The blue LED should light up. This article will describe the installation procedure on Linux and Windows.

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AfaTech AF9005 DVB-T Free Driver Download

You will recognize it by the name: The kernel was trying to download the firmware for IT into AF – the devices are similar and work with the same kernel module, yet the firmwares don’t match. There are multiple afaatech available.

Do not waste your time to install the default TV viewer application, because it does not detect the device.

One simple application is Kaffeine. There are a number of devices based afatceh the TDAHK tuner chip currently not working in Linux but work is being done by subscribers of the gmane. I’ve successfully used it with ProgDVB software. In short, a lot more devices based on this chipset are expected to materialize.

AverMedia A driver installation Launch the corresponding driver installation file and wait for the driver to install.

Mobile TV Viewer DVB-T2 + DVB-T – Tools for Digital TV and Mobile DTV

Firmware succesfully downloaded The tuner is now ready to use. You should now see something similar to initially the device is in cold state, then the firmware is downloaded and the device switches to warm state: Afatecb module would also do the same, yet there are two kind of issues that may arise.


The updated kernel with new module tries to load the correct firmware. This page has been accessedtimes. A-Link DTU m 15a4: Select Autoscan source and click OK. Instead, AFA has embarked upon the development dvbt- yet another OSS windowws, which will be generic in that it will be capable of supporting the entire AFx family as well as all possible device configurations permitted.

Subscribe Don’t forget to check your email and confirm subscription. Launch it, select Digital TV.

Afatech AF – LinuxTVWiki

At present there are three different Linux drivers available for the AFx. This article will describe the installation procedure on Linux and Windows. So, as of yet, there currently isn’t anything for the end user to test.

Currently, this newest driver has reached a second round of testing in AFA labs, but that has only been in conjunction with some peripheral manufacturers with a few devices, and, as dvb-g stands, the code is still not particularly generic due to both the complexities of the chip itself as well as those involved in getting the various device configurations to work. This page was last modified on 4 Juneat Plug in the USB key if you didn’t. Post a Comment Please read the comments policy before publishing your comment.


There is no specific release timeframe set for this, but hopefully it will be soon, as the chip manufacturer as well as everybody else involved is under pressure, due to the large adoption of the chip by different peripheral manufacturers Avermedia, Terratec, Azurewave, DigitalNow, Pinnacle, as well as some wineows of unbranded Chinese manufacturers too.

Go to Television menu and choose Configure Television. In addition, taken collectively, the development of three different drivers highlights the relative complexity of afatwch chip, as well as the flexibility in device design that its employment permits.

AfaTech KWorld DVB-T UB499-2T – two ways of downloading and installing the driver

That may strike one as being strange or showing signs of a state of dis-coordination, but in actuality, each driver has its own reason for coming into existence. However, as soon things progress past this stage, there will be something released for users to test.

The AFx family consists of the following chips: Given the chip’s dual nature, the AF is fairly complex. The blue LED should light up. If you can’t find it, click Have Disk and browse to C: