And the point 1 and 3 are really close to ThinkClassic. Logged Cloaked Alien Enthusiast Posts: This Generic ROM can be distinguished from the standard version by the differences in its version numbers. The worst thing about it, and it’s not even that bad, is that it will display the name of the first open network it finds and no more. Open Firmware initializes and begins execution, including building the Device Tree. I’d imagine that older and newer releases of Disk Utility are the same or very similar. I can’t install the version 7 drivers which I have a feeling would work!

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But back then there were a few tricks that later became part of a tool to run Mac OS 9.

Again, haven’t tested yet. You should check card manufacturers’ websites for information on the availability of Mac OS X drivers. Jan 28 – Downgrade and Rom edition.

USB / Firewire Combo card, OS9, Mac – Apple Community

May 16, Order No: Risks are inherent in the use of the Internet. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Agree you are using AirPort 2. It looks like the series check is being performed in Disk Utility.

I am with DieHard. October 30, – 7: Before trying G5s what I expect to be much harder, but who knowsis there some brave person outside who might try it with one of the later G4 Powerbooks?


November 14, Holiday over and a day of vacation. I never did figure out entirely what caused the machine to react so badly to it.

802.11b card

Thank you all again for chatting and bringing info together to make this happen. But been following this thread and a few on other forums for some time and finally caved and purchased a MDD FW and a board from a FW I was luck enough to find and put into the FW case so I could run classic.

Given all of the above actually being possiblewould go down as: Now I have the hard choice of deciding if I should build up both the machines for OS 9 or get rid of 1 only intended to have 1 working machine out of the parts I obtained. So, to Blemk or anyone else with the energyI ask, for us to streamline the process by creating Logged blemk Enthusiast Posts: In addition, hardware support is more likely when you are running the most up-to-date versions of agrre extensions and drivers.

My dad has an older mac laptop the G3 lombard and wants to add wireless capability to his machine. That would make the install reasonably reliable a flat PRAM battery wouldn’t render the system un-bootable, for starters.

Agere pc card model driver Top Freeware Programs

A preliminary step is to unlock the tongue which ageee between “F5” and “F6” agsre. So, only way you would need it like modified Mac OS ROM is if you don’t do the open firmware change or the change is reset by clearing nvram. If this device is unavailable or the user has overridden this with keyboard input, Open Firmware scans other devices looking for bootable drives.


Given that the Lucent and the true Airport card are, practically speaking, the same thing, the idea is to open the Mac, remove, if installed, the original Airport card and replace it temporarly with a Lucent PC card.

FireWire 1394A 3+1 Port PCI Card AGERE Chipset

October 17, This is only possible if you are the administrator of that network i. After reading this thread and some of the suggestions put forward here, I’ve managed to successfully boot Mac OS 9. Many thanks in advance: Welcome iMic and congratulations for your great job at https: I all depends on what driver support Mac OS 9 has for the hardware it’s running on.

September 8, Order No: My base station is from SMC, but it should work equally well with any base station.