Can you plese share the kext file, I couldn’t make it work with the links provided above. I never use the effects on the mixer. Anyway, after some minutes I was there Not satisfied with those reviews? Thanks Frank, you’re the king. Our members also liked:

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I’m not who you responded to, but I just got mine working a moment ago. Perfect to record multi-track gigs live.

The Mixer, cables and a power supply for the mixer. It was my last attempt before putting it into the garbage. Thanks Frank, you’re the king. There should be nothing.

Did you run into this? Jeph Bennett April 03, Restart your computer into Recovery Mode restart and wait for the computer screen to go completely black. Community-powered support for Alesis.

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Thu Nov 17 This review was originally published on mlutimix Sorry that’s not more helpful, but it is possible. In short, it’s ideal for tight budgets who wish to – mix live – record everything on multiple tracks – record rehearsals – and certainly many other applications, which I haven’t tried out.


False — Timeout sec.

Alesus Terminal and type csrutil disable 6. How would you rate the product’s value for money? I bought Alesis feeling secure about buying a “serious” brand. Well these are the steps that worked for me even after following the OPs steps multiple times over the last few days.

Great sounding board that has lasted me.

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Official Representatives Corey S Employee. I know these vague directions are a pain, wish I could be more help.

Arobase37 August 10, What I love about this mixer is that the usual controls are directly accessible with the rotary knobs. Ned October 16, Doesn’t show up in System Prefs, Logic or the Alesis firewire setup app. While mixer alessis unplugged check the firewire status in System Report. I never use the effects on the mixer. There was no unwanted latency.

How to use Alesis MultiMix Firewire 8 and 16 with OS Sierra

If someone have a solution: How does this make you feel? I have yet to sufficiently test the equalizer to speak XLR mix input, everything else on jacks. The breath that it introduces into the firweire room output can become audible in pushing the volume so high that any sound output explode your speakers, headphones and your ears by the same occasion. I finally just kept opening and closing the control panel app and poof it showed up in the audio midi app.