Enable Hard IP reconfiguration. The theoretical maximum throughput is calculated using the following formula: Implement completion timeout disable. We have detected your current browser version is not the latest one. Thanks for the info. This reference design uses eight lanes.

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Scan the endpoint configuration space registers.

Are you saying that Xilinx sells a source code license for that driver? The on position points away from the PCIe slot. RX buffer credit allocation. Read throughput depends on the round-trip delay between the following two times:. Pcid continues counting until the last data has been transferred by the DMA module. Changed the directory name in the “Running the Software Application” section.

Endpoint L1 acceptable latency. After the device uses all of its initial credits, link bandwidth is limited by how fast it receives credit updates.

Transfer length —Specifies the transfer length in bytes Sequence —Controls the sequence for data transfer or addressing Number of iterations —Controls the winfows of iterations for the data transfer Board —Specifies the development board for the software application Continuous loop —When this option is turned on, the application performs the transfer continuously.


Does not support master mode DMA.

Jungo Connectivity | PCI Driver for Altera FPGA

This maximum payload size parameter affects the resource utilization. Each descriptor consists of four dwords. Changed the example filename given in the “File Naming Conventions” section.

It subsequently returns a completion data that can be split into multiple completion packets.

A chaining DMA provides higher performance than a simple DMA for non-contiguous memory transfers between the system and Endpoint memory. The following figure shows timing diagram for memory read requests MRd and completions CplD.

This strategy maintains a high throughput. This example windiws a read request for bytes and a completion packet size of bytes. Enable byte winows ports on Avalon-ST interface. Maximum of 1 us. This parameter specifies the distribution of flow control header, data, alteraa completion credits in the RX buffer.

You should use this parameter to allocate credits to optimize for the anticipated workload. The performance bars report the peak, average, and last throughput. For source code licensing, contact your Xilinx authorized distributor sales office. Base and Limit Registers for Root Ports. The debug driver is fully compatible with Windows 32 and 64 bit from XP to Windows 8. The init signal in the DMA read and write modules transitions to zero at the beginning of the transfer.


A requester first sends a memory read request.

PCI Express High Performance Reference Design

Developed as a starting point for customers’ own designs. Quartus II Settings The. The off position points towards the PCIe slot. Implement completion timeout disable.

PCI Express High Performance Reference Design

It allows customers to commission the hardware and in many cases where high data rates are not required it can form the basis of a customer’s final design. A Windows debug driver for this device. The chaining DMA uses descriptor tables for each memory page.