I don’t know what happened when manufacturers began building the Apollo and Apollo Pro chipset boards, but three memory slots became the standard. That doesn’t mean the board’s not happy running CPUs at stock speed – but if that’s all you want to do, you might as well buy a cheaper motherboard. Overclocking The AX34 puts the big fat CPU power supply smoothing capacitors far enough away from the processor socket that there should be room to mount the most outrageous of chip coolers. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying, though. Because the same drivers work with any Apollo Pro A motherboard and the hardware’s essentially identical, there’s no significant difference in raw performance between them when they’re running the same hardware at the same speed.

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Genuine AOPEN AX34 Pro II Socket 370 Motherboard Tested Working

AOpen point out, “If you place the switch to the middle, you will not be able to boot your system, thus you can protect your data ROM molesting. First up, it’s got lots of CPU speed adjustment potential, which I’ll deal with in detail in the po section below.

You can set the two BIOSes up differently, or set them up identically and use the second one as a backup in case of virus attack.

You can follow the guide to make sure you make your connections properly and be up and running in just minutes. peo

But if you don’t like the AC97 sound, you can always disable it. If you don’t have any interest at all in souped-up computing, though, this isn’t the motherboard for you. AMR modems are dirt cheap it’s now possible to buy them retail – only system integrators could get them at first but they’re all “host based modems” that need special drivers in order to work.


Don’t show me this message again. Cynics ax43 suggest that it’s fairly easy to meet, say, Liberian Army computer materials specs.

Do not remove a component from its protective packaging until you are ready to install it. Page 30 The driving capability of new generation chipset is limited due to the lack of a memory buffer to improve performance. Socket CPUs can, with a “slotket” adapter, plug straight into Slot 1, and many Slot 1 motherboards work fine with the new chips.

Higher voltage means more heat.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. For better signal quality, it is recommended to set the far end side device to master mode and follow the suggested sequence to install your new device. This is a good price, for a motherboard with these specs. Because the same drivers work with any Apollo Pro A motherboard and the hardware’s essentially identical, there’s no significant difference in raw performance between them when they’re running the same hardware at the same speed.

AOpen AX34 Pro II Online Manual

But there’s no harm in using it, if you’ve got it. Page 29 Some CPU fans do not have sensor pin, so that cannot support fan monitoring. The AX34 Pro II would be an excellent choice for the Socket overclocker even if it was the same boring green appen most other motherboards; the black-and-silver look is a bonus. Again, I’m not sure how useful pto feature is. Speaking of throwing stuff in – how does a copy of Norton Antivirus 5 and Antivirus sound?

Interleaving makes RAM bandwidth look a lot more impressive in some benchmarks, but for desktop computer tasks makes no difference ij speak of to actual system performance. But with three-wire fans, the headers let system monitoring software keep tabs on the fan speed, which is aoopen handy feature. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying, though.


The AMR slot’s pretty much useless. However, it may cause your system to be unstable if the setting is not correct for your system configuration.

Review: AOpen AX34 Pro II motherboard

AOpen are rather more forward about the overclocking potential of their products than most other manufacturers. This doesn’t make a huge amount of difference, though; you don’t need to upgrade from Slot 1 just to use a newer Intel CPU. Page Make sure you fully understand the items contained in this menu before you try to change anything. As with other Apollo Pro boards, the AX34 lets you run the memory clock at the same speed as the FSB the usual setting for other motherboardsor at 33MHz more or less.

Page 74 USB Controller Overclockers also tend to have computers full of fans. There’s also an optional external switch for the BIOS swapper, which saves you from having to open the case and move the jumper.

AOpen AX34 Pro II

The FSB steps are, however, quite small enough that you should be able to wind up a MHz FSB CPU about as far as it’ll go – which may be considerably further than it could manage on an older motherboard. Unfortunately, there is no way that the BIOS can aax34 the correct chip count, you need to calculate the chip count by yourself.

Page 4 Battery-less and Long Life Design