I will be reverting to the original firmware I think. If you have a usb 3. Rosewill BlackHawk Ultra Cooling: The reason mentioned above will be used. I’ve been digging this thread and found out that some other members took the wrong one, aka ASMedia A. Your question has nothing to do with the topic of this thread. The USB3 port is no longer accessible at all.

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Your question has nothing to do with the topic of this thread. I have no other USB3 device than the new hdd, I will look around. Zitat von thecrowler im Beitrag Using 1.

I have to find something to reprogram the entire controller because now working only the one. How it is possible to know what firmware it has?

Asmedia USB 3.0 Drivers

Spam Netiquette Form other This post contains unwanted Spam. For example, when creating a very big. Just for curiosity’s sake though, what’s the reason behind you limiting quotes? Run the flasher to update the firmware: New 31 Jan 2. This post does not match the desired netiquette of the Forum. Sat Nov 04, DeathStalker Show info Posts:. When I read a post earlier here I saw they had asmedia drivers for windows 10, so should I try those instead, I just don’t know how to solve the issue.


Asmedia x USB 3. Run the flasher to confirm the new firmware: If someone have any ideas how I can successfully update the firmware for both asmedia controllers, I will really appreciate it. Topic settings Print view.

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Please enter a reason for warning. The only one working is v1.

Spam Netiquette Form other This post contains unwanted Spam. They have separate drivers. Why would I just quote a reply without reading it?

You asked for a newer one in the past. Windows 10 Pro bit CPU: On my laptop the hdd passes all tests.

Disable SecureBoot if enabled for the same reason as above. Tue Mar 29, 5: Do you see any yellow ubs3.0 in Device Manager? Wed Nov 22, 4: The above test sequence test 01 to test 05 was repeated at least 5 times so 25 tests in total. I, too, are asmeia in this I have p9x79 deluxe, I also received this warning, I opened the firmware in hex and compared with my they are different, it seems it’s not for us My current System: I don’t want to be aggressive on any of my posts as this community helped me a lot but I’m not sure what you imply in your post.


Error 2 – Write errors! I,m a bit confused so any help here would be much appreciated.