If the drives are not there then you should verify the connections. Discussion about old PC hardware. Originally Posted by BlueDragon Hi heartsy, As I have been spending a couple of nights trying to make this bloody A8V Deluxe board to work with 4 HDD’s the way I wanted it and due to the fact that I finally could succeed thanks to a post in this forum https: Unfortunately, I do not have a floppy drive or cd burner around. Everything works great — no problems. ANY Help would be greatly appreciated.

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I don’t remember if windows it depends also of the version of course natively recognises the Promise RAID controller or not. And it comes from THIS webpage! Anyway I hope this will help you somewhat.

Now the scary part: Went right in the first time. I shoulda Googled before posting here.

Problem The os is set up fine,on maxtor gb sata2 System occasionally cant find os On investigation mobo has reverted to the wd hdd ide as primary boot device. If you want to mirror a drive with existing information you will be asked to copy that information to the new drive. I’d wager that the majority va mainstream users and even enthusiasts are more likely to take advantage of integrated or bundled Wi-Fi than a second Gigabit Ethernet option. If I select IDE on the Promise controller I get a nasty message about incorrect hardware settings and the system locks up.


Hi thanx for this guide dont no how long it would have took me to figure this out without it.

Of course you would need to setup the OS and the data according to the needs e. As Windows is first setting up, at the first blue screen hit the [F6] key to load a third party mass storage driver. Or would there be problems installing win98se on a sata hard rair or using sata optical drive for the cd?

On page Xi they state in the Storage section: Go back into the XP Install, hit F6, then S, and then insert the floppy, just choose the right driver it should be obvious.

Via Raid Configurations – Asus A8V Deluxe User Manual [Page ]

SLI more mainstream than it was in 97? So apparently they selectively included drivers. The mobo is an A8V Deluxe. My configuration is 1 sata harddrive not raidand trying to install Windows XP.

I tried connecting an additional sata drive to sata1, but the MBFastBuild utility still only saw the original 3 drives, so that did me no good. Governing Guns, Preventing Plunder: Steam names the best-selling games gaid Press [Tab] to enter setup, then delete all of the existing arrays. Ein bedeutender Schritt im Rahmen der Globalisierung?


Jan 15, Posts: I do not need or want any kind of RAID, i just want the computer to recognise the new disks! At this point, my hdd was recongized by the bios a good sign. Have you unplugged the drive and booted up in effect removing the drivethen shut down and xsus the computer to see how the drive behaves?

Usually it requires reselecting 1st drive to maxtor and saving changes. If the bios sees the drive but windows does not, that normally indicates the drive has not been rai and formatted.

Asus A8V-E User Manual: Via Raid Configurations

Aug 23, Posts: Mon Nov 01, 8: Whallah, XP now recongizes the sata hdd so it can then format and install. Thank you for posting this information. Tue Nov 02, 3: Same goes to a lesser extent for the SATA power connectors.