Thanks very much, I am posting the device manager. Many thanks in advance. Plug in the modem first and wait 1 minute. The wireless card driver should be the 4th one down under wireless tab You must install the wireless utility console before the wireless card! Where do I find the drivers?

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Yes I did download the wireless console first and installed. I dont see any read me file in the downloaded files.

Any quick help would be highly appreciated. Please let me know. Thanks, Bill PS- How did you make out with the video? In your wireless winddows does it show your wireless connection and are you able to connect?

Drivers For Free – Asus F5 F5r Graphics Video Drivers

Then plug in the router and wait 1 minute. Where do I find the drivers? But then I started deleting unwanted programs and accidently deleted her ethernet controller driver and the video driver.


The wireless detects the connections but cant connect saying acquiring network address. Yes this could cause your video problem. Here is how to post a screen shot: Since I have deleted the ATIobviously my desktop settings have worsened and my screen is waving when I winodws down or up. The time now is User Name Remember Me? Any suggestions would help.

Also what your ISP provider is.

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Any more help please? I have no idea what I did but now the laptop is again very very slow. If it is just a wireless modem please post its make and model.

When it comes to 76 mbit says the file is done however it does not dowload the whole file. Do you think I should uninstall wireless console and the driver and do it again? With video, I am still struggling to download the mb file I am getting the first one on the list in VGA, is that right?

Is the driver not right or is it something wrong with my config? There are a few to choose from.


Asus F5R ethernet controller driver please !

What could be the reasons for this communication? Current Temperatures Take II.

I was trying with a few drivers and I have wihdows tried this one you mentioned as wellit did not work. Some MS updates are needed to install the drivers properly. I downloaded one but did not work.

But I am not sure which driver should I takemaybe the screen shot will 77 to identify what I missing in this machine. I fixed it with making a few changes. Thanks very much, I am posting the device manager. I am sure this is an error from the websiteI have tried all the locations available. Now I just need to fix my wireless connection.