This custom solution works in tandem with the ASUS TurboV Processing Unit TPU , to enhance voltage and base-clock overclocking control — providing an exciting new way to boost performance to extreme heights. Additionally, get enhanced scalability, faster data retrieval, double the bandwidth of current bus systems. Thunderbolt 3, USB 3. In short, 5-Way Optimization ensures that your PC is perfect for gaming, entertainment, productivity or just about anything else! Setup Easily assemble and fit your 3D-printed parts using M.

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Maintaining ample voltage support for the CPU is critical during overclocking.

RAMPAGE III EXTREME | ROG – Republic Of Gamers | ASUS Global

It also features an unprecedented dB signal-to-noise ratio for the stereo line-out and a dB SNR for motherbrod line-in, providing pristine audio quality. Just press the Q-Slot clip lightly, and graphics card just pop out. Products may not be available in all markets. Connect the card to the onboard Thunderbolt header with the supplied system-link cable DisplayPort 1. Ultra-fast speed with PCIe slot flexibility. The superior compatibility of Prime ZA is evidenced by our extensive list of supported devices — which includes thousands of compatible components — and our Qualified Vendor List QVL that identifies memory compatibility.


All specifications are subject to change without notice. At a breathtaking 40Gbps you’ll experience faster transfers, with four times 4X the data speeds of any other cable and twice 2X the video bandwidth. ASUS offers three ways of finding downloads for your specific motherboard.

The motherboard supports DDR3 memory that features data transfer rates of Mv42v13. All specifications are subject to change without notice. Stutter is eliminated for smooth-running apps, even under heavy loading. Experience ultra-fast data transfers at 4. Temperature and humidity tests.

Powerful overclocking features on the strongest X58 platform motherboard

Flexible cooling controls for air or liquid. Thunderbolt 3, USB 3. One click takes care of complex tuning, dynamically optimizing essential aspects of the system to provide overclocking and cooling profiles that are tailored for your rig. It all adds up to more choices for worry-free PC-building experiences. Additionally, a new impedance-sensing circuit automatically adjusts gain to ensure the optimal volume range for your headphones.

Just pop your CPU in the special tool, insert the tool directly into the CPU socket, close the latches positions and you’re good to go!

Why choose when you can have both? Get performance, efficiency, digital power, fan control and even networking and audio tuning tailored for you.

Friendly reminder on Voltage Settings In the pursuit of extreme performance, overvoltage adjustment is critical but risky. It includes two new graphics tests, two new CPU tests, several new feature tests, and support for the latest hardware. Where to Find Motherboard Manuals. Display SATA port details that help you easily recognize drives. It also supports up to 36 Motjerbord Express 2. It even charges your mobile device at the same time.


Experience blistering Thunderbolt 3 speeds and any-way-up connectivity

Wires are so last century. Intel Z also supports integrated-graphics, so you’ll enjoy the very latest in graphics performance. With a moherbord design that promotes the best-ever airflow to adjacent expansion cards, fit the PCI Express x4 add-in card to any slot motberbord suits your PC build and pump M.

Prime ZA has an ultra-efficient heatsink to reduce M. App specific optimization for professionals and gamers. And upgrade without limitations, as any M. From assembly, system setting and monitoring, and to firmware and hardware updates — we’re all about making your life easier.

Salt and spray tests.