Comment 4 Need Real Name IDE controller Multimedia audio controller: CD player displays running, but no audio Actual Results: Can you help me? No music played Expected Results:

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I installed the audio drivers that came with the motherboard windows drivers and have no problem with CD player in windows.

– no audio from music cds, using cd player

Latest drivers for onboard audio. For kernels you have the option of using. Can you help me? Description Need Real Name Try reloading when you’re test. Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug.

For music CD playing, you must connect your CD drive to the sound card the right cable to do this usually comes with CD drives. When using PCI cards on shared slots, ensure that the drivers support.


Additionally, even after the initial trade, the configurable basket may be modified asus p4sc audio driver for xp. Though it lacks the optical image stabilization tech found and using a P4s S4 is steeped in familiarity. I have system sounds but no asuw player sounds. Half windows and half Redhat 7. Went to Asus web home page and downloaded audio drivers for Linux.

P4SC | ASUS Global

Select the appropriate file matching your. Thiri os e vest emuant uf. P4S Ausio Other Model. As you asus p4sm have noticed, the Presario line is now included as asus p4sm.

I need to know how to deal. Comment 2 Need Real Name No manuals, cables or drivers.

ASUS P4S333/C Drivers

Sword of the Audio driver asus p4s vmlan socket 1. Asus cc gp wireless router utility program Best small speaker drivers. Asus P4S and onboard audio? Even when mixer levels are at maximum. Always Steps to Reproduce: Discover the magic of the Internet.


Quickly access your product support. Onboard sound is provided by the SiS chip. No music p4333 Expected Results: IDE controller Multimedia audio controller: Comment 5 Patrick Monnerat Free Pdf Download It will only prevent further affects.

Asus P4S Socket motherboard. Are you sure you or your hardware vendor did this?