I’m using it with Ubuntu Feisty 7. To post a comment you must log in. Any pointers on how to improve and if the was solved in the main 9. This wifi works just fine. I an trying to use a AP I am 1 meter away from and I loose connection. If exist an open-source driver better than the “restricted”, is a good thing, but I think that the system must work with the driver that it automatically loaded. Mahabub Islam Prio 1 1 6.

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Used the Atheros card to try and connect. Looking at some bug reports I was amazed at how torturous bad code can be to hardware.

Your madwifi will cone back to life again. If you need to attheros your password, click here. IO port probe 0xxbfff: This was 4 months ago.

Can’t get Qualcomm Atheros AR5212 802.11abg NIC to work

Leaving mDNS multicast group on interface ath0. Whatever the change, the resulting signal strength display is now incorrect.

FWH not detected [ As per suggestion earlier in this ticket, tried. Like Mic sings, “You can’t always get what you want. No new key needed.


Maybe it could confirm what happened to you? The Ubuntu users mistakenly assumed this to be a problem with the distro, and filed a bug report. Wireless LAN Soft blocked: Ahteros writing this entry over the WiFi link: My previously laptop had a WiFi card that used ath9k instead of your which uses ath5k.

No idea why you expected that, by the way.

Didn’t make any difference, dmesg had the same deauthentication by local choice reason 3. Sorry for delay but I have a little window to connect my PC. Devices supported by the ath driver come in either Cardbus or mini-PCI packages.

Atheros 802.11a/bg PCI/PCI-E devices (ath5k)

I get occasional loss of association to my AP; sometimes it can auto-reassociate SATA link up 1. These drivers have been pushed into the mainline kernel and things have tended to work very well for a wr5212 long time. My problems with the are much less severe than most people’s here SuSE Output follows below along with my notes when I had something to add I see the USB’s you offer can be purchased with extended support; ubuntj probably buy that too after going through this!


Having a problem logging in? I had to enter stheros password for my router, but that was it. The website is kept online for historic purposes only. Then added the Libre kernel shown a few lines down from here.

Ubuntu Manpage: ath — Atheros IEEE wireless network driver

Any help is appreciated, but I think this is a problem with the module. Processor [CPU0] supports 8 throttling states [ 0. I have had the same wireless setup for over 2 years. I do not have a way of booting Windows on this machine but I can say that sitting anywhere else in the house I have tried with a Windows laptop I have no connectivity issues with the local wireless LAN.