Modify your browser’s settings to allow Javascript to execute. Log in Don’t have an account? From around the web. Asia Pacific and Oceania. Usually when a phone number is listed on the Call Your Cable Company screen, the CableCard device has not been activated yet or has not been through the complete setup procedure.

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In the Start screen, scroll to Tasksand then scroll to and click Settings. There are ways to get content off of the box, but by no means is it easy; there’s very little chance that deploying a bunch of HD-DVR set-top boxes is going to result in HD shows being streamed directly from them to users across the globe using torrents or P2P services. Click Trust Control from the left side of the window, and then click the Trusted tab.

We recommend downloading and installing the latest version of one of the atk browsers:. Copy protection using the tuner with a CableCARD All recorded TV programs are copy-protected, which means you can only play back the programs on the computer where you recorded them. Verify the computer has an active Internet connection.

Some media files such as commercial movies are copy-protected, and, therefore, have DRM applied to them. Register a Product Keep track of all your products in one location.

afi Copy protection using the tuner without a CableCARD All recorded programs can be played back from other computers that have Windows Media Center and all the system requirements.

The Virtual Agent is currently unavailable. However, the PC was no where to be seen as consumer electronics companies embraced and worked around these changes that were happening to mainstream cable.


Help w/ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner (USB) w/ CableCARD [Archive] – NextPVR Forums

However, the ATI device is not found when a scan is run. If you perform atk System Recovery, you will not be able to play your previously recorded TV programs. Watching and Recording TV Programs. At the Do you want to setup your Cable?

Install the cable card after the tuner has been set up. Europe, Middle East, Africa. If this is the case, click Next and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the activation and setup procedure. Safari Download the acblecard version.

ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner: AMD and Dell Bring CableCARD to PCs

cablexard With each subsequent version, MCE got better and better, there were fewer crashes, performance got better mostly due to faster hardware out at the timeand the overall package grew more polished. If that doesn’t seem like a bad deal to you and you already have an HTPC up to the challenge, then you should join us on our journey to HD bliss by clicking through.

Prepping the system We suggest you run through these instructions before calling your cable provider to come out and install the CableCARD, otherwise you might run into problems and then you won’t be ready when they come.

Set-top boxes are safe, secure, and give content providers that warm fuzzy feeling inside. In many ways, the performance and stability issues were worse under MCE because the software was so much more stressful than normal applications under XP and the impact was far greater; your PC crashing may make you lose that document you were working on for several hours, but if it made you miss an episode of 24, there would be hell to pay.

Once the Cable Company has been contacted and given the needed activation information, click Next and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the activation and setup procedure. If you are prompted for an administrators password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation. Day One The Installation: Access to premium HD on computers has eluded most for way to long, so as soon as we heard that it was finally possible for anyone to add a CableCARD tuner to just about any Media Centerwe just knew we had to try it for ourselves, and more importantly, share with you exactly how to do it.


Vista’s launch came and went, and there was no sign of OCUR anywhere. Log in Don’t have an account?

Media Usage Rights are permissions to use a protected file in a particular way such as watching a movie only once, permitting you to watch a recorded cablscard from your computer only, or the right to burn a music file to a CD. There was no concept of a trusted path for content to flow through – after all the OS was many years old before any of this was a major concern.

ATI External TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner With CableCARD Support

Chrome Download the latest version. TV programs can be streamed to any computer that has Windows Media Center and all the system requirements. Click Manage network connections from the left side of the Window. Tuner back with connectors for USB 2.