Good luck waiting on those ATI drivers to correct the problem. Google Earth sounds like a flash issue. Kernel Module Version Information: No test for stdrng krng [ 0. I tried everything you said, didn’t help!!! Important to keep this struct as small as possible.

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If you ask what and where than read the mentioned messages carefully. Here is my Xorg. Today I updated jaunty kernel to 2.

Drivers | Tech Stuff

L2CAP socket layer initialized [ Get your MB and MB certifications within days catalgsttm latest MB and and resources of certifications; you can get a wonderful job. That project is receiving the support of AMD, especially for older video cards.

If it fails afterwards, you can uninstall the package created. I do have a package named nvidia-glx installed though.

Just on the propfietary, do you think you could say this is the fglrx driver? Not that it was much of a secret, though. After reading dozens of threads about BigDesktop, binary drivers, and people recommending I try this or that PPA no thanks I installed the 9.


Graphics Card

Initially I was very excited about it hoping that these drivers will work with 2. Try updating to the newest Catalyst if you can, zti then try to add options one-by-one until you get it right. My graphics is not perfect, it’s a bit slow, but it’s usable My card is HD so, I believe it’s still supported. Are you running 64 bit Ubuntu?

[ubuntu] ATI Catalyst driver officially released [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Preparing to replace fglrx-modaliases 2: It also takes a bit of work, but there is arguably better support for some cards in radeonhd than in Catalyst. Most home users are running fast moving distros, with different kernels and tweaked xservers. Download the drivers immediately and test the damn thing! And the constant canard we get from developers and manufacturers that “we develop primarily for Windows but we do provide Linux support” is utter crap.

When I maximize a window, it maximizes to that window and not the entire catalyssttm screen both screens. I recommend after my experience, and that of others I’ve read about here, to keep on waiting. Directions are here http: I’ll wait until October and then I’ll give Karmic a chance.


ATI Forums complaint thread. In the past my smaller resolution display always had a very distorted output when I tried both at once.

The nvidia driver is very intrusive and replaces most of the underlying graphics structure. And please let everyone know whether it works for you with details of your graphics card. It’s the same as what you get with the download from ATI, but I have already included the patches. Adding extended input device “Joystick” type: I tried everything you said, didn’t help!!!

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Hello all – I have hit a basic prolrietary. In case you happen to screw your graphics display while trying to install ATI drivers, use the following command to uninstall fglrx.