The Root Certificate from VeriSign looks like it is different from the ones I have installed on my machine – I have one with the same expiration date but some of the other details are different. This is achieved in TCL by the at91samek. Installation Release Note Page Figure I appreciate the help. I have include my driver. The Atmel bootloader and older bootloaders were bit compatible only. If users enter a wrong file name, an error message will be displayed in the TCL Shell.

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I’ll have a look at the defaults and atmm6124 if I can get this resolved. At the end of the applet, the stack pointer is set to the initial value and the boot ROM is resumed. Please could any one help me out.

The first applet lowlevelinit. If the users enter a wrong file name, an error message is displayed in the TCL Shell.


SAM-BA In-system Programmer

Here are the contents of target structure: The frequency will be passed to the lowlevel applet as the parameter crystalFreq.

Send the file using the Send File button.

The target switches between two modes: Only provide NAND flash applet for sam3s4. Added two new TCL built-in commands support in Section 6.

Select Target Board Note: How to use or to reference the Usbser. So I think it’s the problem of driver: I have include my driver. When plugged into the bit machine, it lists it under Universal Serial Bus Controllers as “atm An applet is a small piece of software running on the target.

The Script File menu supplies commands to start and stop recording, to execute, reset, edit and save the recording file. Select OTP word address in radio button.

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I appreciate the help. It runs under Windows? For further information about DCC, visit www. Init, which is defined in lowlevel. Detailed descriptions of the routines can be found in the sections that atm61224.


Make a new thread. Disconnect the target board from the computer. In this case, it is up to the user to configure the target PLL, etc. Address is not correctly aligned. Atmel products are not designed nor intended for use in automotive applications unless specifically designated by Atmel as automotive-grade. The applet code consists of: Take a look at the main. Right-click on the atm Users can compile the applet now. Connect the board to the computer via a USB port and power it on.

User Control Panel Log out.