Frames Rx with Alignment Error. This field displays the Chip and Firmware versions of the selected Broadcom adapter. To utilize this method:. When you are finished configuring failover teams, click the OK or Apply button to accept the changes. PAUSE frames enable the network adapter and a switch to control the transmit rate.

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Each member in the Load Balance Member list shares the traffic burden of all members. A red indicator means that a link is not established. PAUSE frame receipt and transmission are disabled. Normally, the checksum function is computed by the protocol stack.

Click Cancel to discard your settings contfol exit the wizard. The only writable item on this dialog box advanded VLAN name. Provides detailed performance statistics for the selected team this BASP Statistics tab is displayed only when you click the name of an adapter that is part of a team.

Click the desired maximum number of probe retries in the Probe maximum retries list. The PCI slot number on the system board occupied by the adapter.

To perform a silent install from within a batch file and wait for the install to complete before continuing with the next broadco line, type the following:. MAC control frames with no pause command. If the team type is not an SLB type team, then a dialog box appears.


To ensure network connectivity to the probe target, ping the probe target from the team. You can designate one team member in an SLB type of team to be the standby member. Sets the speed for optimum network connection. Verify that the network switch connected to the team members is configured correctly for the team type, click OKccontrol continue.

You can define up to 64 VLANs per team 63 tagged and 1 untagged. Starting Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 2. This is normal behavior. All of the member IP addresses must be in the same subnet as the subnet of the probe targets. Disables Large Send Offload.

Using Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 2: Broadcom NetXtreme II™ Network Adapter User Guide

Looking for your device for the Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 2 9. The standby adapter may be working properly even though it is Not Active.

A count of frames that are successfully received and are directed advxnced a broadcast group address. Click Preview to see a chart of the resource allocations.


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suitf Type the team name and then click Next. From the File menu, click Team Restore. The unique hardware address assigned to the network adapter. The number of frames received with CRC errors.

Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 2 For Windows All

Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 2 Driver: Trunking supports load balancing and failover for both outbound and inbound traffic. Click Yes to save the current configuration.

You can also upgrade your license for additional connections. A count of the frames that were involved in more than one collision and were subsequently transmitted successfully. The team 10. cannot exceed 39 characters, cannot begin with spaces, and cannot contain any of the following characters: The clock speed on PCI-E bus. A count of frames that were successfully received and are directed to a broadcast group address.