The article you posted applies to getting linux ubuntu to recognize the wireless card. If you reinstalled, ignore everything from here on, unless the problem happens again! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. At least with Linux, I can figure out why. Thanks guys and gals! And right now i’m looking for where i read to put chmod Originally Posted by loismustdie View Post so nevermind on that, i logged in as root and fixed the problem.

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I have a Dell Inspiron and I was able to connect wirelessly to my Network after following broadcoom instructions. Not from scratch, tell the kernel it should ignore the ndiswrapper module sudo rmmod ndiswrapperremove the bad driver sudo ndiswrapper -r bcmwl6change directories to where the original driver is and reinstall it: Today i could not connect to the unsecure network college too.

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Would you mind broadcok I reposted this verbatim, with only the relevant details changed? I tried the tutorial on the first page and I couldn’t get the wireless to work. I think it may died a couple of times too. Are you new to LinuxQuestions. Selecting previously deselected package build-essential.

Broadcom bcm43xx (also dell ) wifi device

Windows driver configuration file format has changed since 1. Hybrid IP Routing Enabled. I followed most of the advice listed in the original thread but I was unsure about trying to compile the source code myself, I tried it and did not get very far. Ok, the invalid driver message means you tried to install the driver from a folder that did not contain the necessary files. That way you make sure to get one that isn’t corrupted. I left it idle for a few hours and spent another couple of hours downloading apps.


If you wish to permanently use the open source drivers then remove the bcmwl-kernel-source package: We can also use sudo to give tee root permissions so we can write to the file that we otherwise couldn’t.

Broadcpm up libc6-dev 2.

When I was installing it, I saw someting about bcm43xx being installed as an alternative. Same with Dell 139 have got them from Dell but just in a folder on Desktop–should they be ‘put’ somewhere else?

Visit the following links: It’s a useful command but one that should always be used very carefully if you give it root permissions sudo.

I can perhaps do this tomorrow if time permits. Might be the easiest especially when you factor in your time.

Broadcom Corporation Dell Wireless 1390

I upgraded this morning to Gutsy, and upon bc,43xx, I got a prompt that told me -and forgive me, because i didn’t write this down- that the wireless card used proprietary drivers and there was no support for firmware.


The broadcom-sta package aims to offer an earlier version for a given release.

Every thing seemed ot go ok until the last step where the blue light should come on on the laptop to indicate the wireless is working.

Leave it exactly as is, but add those three words to the end. My suggestion is to give this how-to another shot, chances are it didn’t work last time because of a typo somewhere.

But there is always a but Give that a shot and reboot. Thanks for the info. JohnWillJun 6, I am running 7. I have just ran “ndiswrapper -v” and it returned Version 1. The other difference is that tee will also output what it’s given to std out the commandline as well as writing it to the file.