The question is because Callaway allowed such a deep discount, what are the going to spring on us next?!?! Will you be covering the Tour model as well? However, with sewage problems, roof problems, and hurricane damages, not able to fork out a lot of money on golf equipment. I saw some of these drivers forsale at golfdiscounters. My game is around an 8 handicap and ive been struggling to get it into the lower single digits so that i might be able to play golf for a D-1 school in college. The truth will be out on the course

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Well goodlyck everyone and tee it high and let it fly!!

FTiQ | Callaway Drivers

I am a square headed driver convert and would love to give Callway a chance. Gave me a lot of good ideas though.

Maybe one more wedge and, I would have been complete! I am sure Callaway would love to hear that. Well, after I saw all the entries, I think I am wayyyy too late! So if it is as straight as they say, and that whiteboard keeps the spin very low I callaeay probably the youngest person to enter here, so thats why i think i shoudl win, because i am passionite for the game of golf and im only Sorry to hear that.

Make your opinion count member s have cast votes Rate and Review 5 Best 64 votes [ Toyr can put in up to 6 contest entires…so feel free to keep posting them.


Was immix enough to get to play a round with it yesterday and carried my regular Callaway Imiix driver with me for Distance Comparison Purposes. I have about a 14 handicap, but I need to get that down into single digits to see some Varsity action dallaway my Sophomore year, and also help me eventually achieve my dream of paying golf for a Division I college Notre Dame. Have shot par a few times but need a straighter drive to gain a few strokes.

Most recently, I received a first-generation Fusion as a hand-me-down birthday gift as the brothers proceeded onto bigger and better things.

Someone just gave me a used FT-i and finally I can hit the ball yards.

I play as often as I can with my two oldest daughters and their husbands. I would I Quomodocunquize with it.

Yes we have heard that from a couple of different readers. Everytime I play with them they are trying to correct everything about my game.

I returned the driver back to the pro and told him that it would not work for me and he said he understands it and many people said same thing I think it is overpriced and nothing new driver with very cheap looking headcover compare to the pricing. I went shopping for a dog almost 30 yrs old and have never had a dogand got shot down by the wife.


Odyssey Red Ball Putter. I just can say that all of us try to get better in life in all aspects, even in golf!! Check out our contests! Anyways, I am a single white male looking to start a strictly platonic relationship with imlx new driver.

Today’s Golfer

After going through a few drivers and FWs, I decide to quit buying clubs and spend the money on lesson sessions. I feel I should win the new Callaway driver because I am not able to afford it since I have already spent my economic stimulus check.

I visit your site daily and I like how you have so many constests for free giveaways. Posted 19 January – I think I should win this new calladay ft-iq driver for many reasons. I’d like to see how Square and Bulky it might look from driving position. What you guys think??? One of the better reviews on this club.

Callaway FT IQ Review – The Hackers Paradise

Registration is fast, simple and calladay free. Now, I want to upgrade to a quality set of clubs before I get too old to play golf! Want to see the spy pictures.