If you’re looking for distance without compromising forgiveness, you found the right irons. I went to the store with the intention of buying something different but wanted a set that would bring back some of my old distances I used to hit before going to a forged set with stiffer shafts. So easy to hit, long distance with excellent feel. Secondly, within the club, an improved internal standing wave helps lower the CG as well as moving weight closer to the front of the club to increase ball speed. Forgiving, but with feedback on mishits. Ok I tinkered with my XR on the range before I played to find the best settings for me. I always clean the face after each drive to check for contact points.

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My concession to Father Time has been to take advantage of the “Senior Tees”. This technology provides optimal weight to generate higher energy transfer towards ball during downswing phase. Retail Partners Click For Price. I hit a high ball and have a fast swing of 95 mph according callawayy machine so the change in shaft from standard lowered my ball flight nicely.

For some time the goal in distance irons has been to bring the technologies from woods caallaway irons to increase distance and forgiveness by using a flexing face with a deep centre of gravity. User Reviews Andrew Everett.

Callaway XR Driver Review – Golfalot

The feel is exceptional and the sound is great. Make sure that you custom fit your irons as it impacts control and distance.


The lofts are the same as the X2 Hot irons and Callaway say that the XR is two clubs longer than some iron in their recent past, so the chances are they will be longer than Cal,away Hot, even if it is not two clubs more.

I’m a fairly beginning golfer so as my swing gets better, these irons keep getting longer and longer.

Men’s XR15 Driver ° SR | Decathlon

Sr15 what struck me was the XR performance. Calaway for hitting very long distances from the teeing ground. Compared to the more compact sister Callaway XR Pro ironthe standard version has a shiny chrome finish rather than the brushed chrome and both look good. I warmed up on the range and was absolutely hitting the ball the best I’ve hit it in a long time. Secondly, within the club, an improved internal standing wave helps lower the CG as well as moving weight closer to the front of the club to increase ball speed.

Played My 1st Competition today with my new XR. Callaway claim it is 2. Sign in or Register with Golfalot.

The Speed Step Crown is visible and frames the Callaway chevron alignment aid and I think it looks pretty good. When you get good ball launch conditions thanks to XR driver, you’ll hit longer distances. This driver breeds confidence!

callaaway The sound was also traditional Callaway, with a lovely zing at impact and really good feel. Stock in Store Select Store for Stock. I am currently a 20 handicapper and the from the first ball I hit with the club I knew it would improve my scores. Sign in or Register with Golfalot.


Callaway XR Driver Review

Finally, the new feature you can see is the Speed Step Crown where a double ridge is embossed from the inside of the head to help reduce turbulence and get it moving faster through the air. My favourite thing about the Callaway XR driver is acllaway it is plug and play. What you will need to watch is your gapping as these babies will go further than your current irons.

The Callaway XR is a real contender and I want a front row ticket for this bout, because it is too close to call. After a few year hiatus from the game, I bought the XR Irons after hitting and reviewing several models. I can tell I have hit a good shot when I hear the “raspy” zing from the club face. Login to my account.

Just bought the XR. As a 63 year old with a 14 hcp, my new XR driver gives me growing confidence that I have finally found the driver of my dreams. Other than that it’s a great iron.