It further recommends that the destination of family property must be made the subject of an enquiry in appropriate circumstances. The statutory provisions and customary law rules that have been found to be inconsistent with the Constitution are so egregious that an order that renders the declaration fully prospective cannot be justified. Second, as pointed out earlier, the primary objective of indigenous law of succession is the preservation and perpetuation of the family unit and succession to the status and position of the family head. Pillay instructed by the Legal Resources Centre. The courts have embraced these developments without adhering strictly to the original customary rigid rules. The rule simply recognises this responsibility.

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In the application w00 sections 1 1 c i and 1 4 f of the Intestate Succession Act 81 of to the estate of a deceased person who is survived by more than one spouse: Otherwise, the right of inheritance belongs to a much wider group entitled to inherit from the deceased according to the operative system of kinship. The applicants in both the Bhe and Shibi cases, however, launched an attack on the customary law rule of primogeniture.

Corolla Van ccc E The Urban Cruiser is a version of the second generation ist that was sold in Europe. Further in many states in Ghana, women do succeed to family properties but no one will say by reason of their succession and their possible marriage into other families the properties they inherit or succeed to stand in jeopardy of being lost to their families.

Cx rules of the customary law w0005 succession were consequently mainly concerned with succession to the position and status of the deceased family head rather than the distribution of his personal assets. Let nobody do such a thing.


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Hand wash cold, seperately, line dry, Use cool iron. No doubt, this option recognises that African communities have been transformed from their traditional settings in which the indigenous law developed into modern and urban communities.

Maleka SC and K. The court of appeal held that the rule of male primogeniture was unconstitutional and contrary to democratic values. The choice of law is thus based on racial grounds without more. There is a tendency, operating at times unconsciously, to render that title conceptually in terms which are appropriate only to systems which have grown up under English law.

Where differentiation is made on such grounds, it will be assumed cv be unfair unless it is established that it is not. In certain instances the denial by respondent of a fact alleged by the applicant may not be such as w05 raise a real, genuine or bona fide dispute of fact.

Further, as was suggested in the second National Coalition case, [] the Court should not shy away from forging innovative remedies should this be required by the circumstances of the case. In terms of the liquidation and distribution account the remaining asset in the deceased estate, an amount of R11, The rules of indigenous law, in particular, the rule of primogeniture, have their origin in traditional society. A wide front grille consisting of two thick horizontal bars, large inch tires, and extended wheel arches gave the vehicle its unique and dynamic exterior styling.

The concept of succession in indigenous law. The Commission for Gender Equality, a state institution established under section of the Constitution, [18] was admitted as amicus curiae and presented helpful written and oral submissions to the Court. The natives were placed in a category separate from the Europeans and they were permitted no equality either in the system of law applied to them nor in regard to the courts to which they were accorded access in civil matters.


Subject to paragraph 7 of this order, section 1 of the Intestate Succession Act 81 of applies to the intestate deceased estates that would formerly have been governed by section 23 of the Black Administration Act 38 of Daughters and wives have no right of succession.

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The provisions of this statute are therefore inadequate to cater for the social setting that indigenous law of succession was designed to cater for. It will be as well, though to keep a few salutary principles in mind. The Intestate Succession Act does not preclude an estate devolving in accordance with an agreement reached among all interested parties but in a way that is consistent with its provisions.

By contrast, indigenous law is premised on the extended family system. South Africa signed the Convention on 29 January and ratified it on 14 January The Minister supported the application for confirmation of the orders of the Pretoria High Court as he had done in respect of the decision of the Cape High Court in the Bhe case. Regulation 2 provides as follows: The persons who may approach a court are—.

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These changes have required of customary rules that they adapt, and therefore change. Where parties agree that succession to the deceased must be governed by indigenous law of succession, that is, the law that must govern the succession.