I am trying to connect a Pantech UML to my rpi running wheezy I have tried everything but killing myself to get connected. If that doesn’t work, take a look at these AT Commands http: Startup File User Run. So, checked my Huawei with DC-unlocker, it is voice enabled. You can use a USB GPS receiver to locate the car and the 3G dongle to either send you information by smms, email or some other means over the internet. There’s a brilliant lo-fi web browser called Lynx.

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Is 3G dongle able to send MMS? You can download the file on the usb stick – or directly on to the SD card.

Alice MOBILE E1692

My pi is battery powered, and I would like to use a 3G dongle I can plug directly into the chiavetta usb port. My project would be: Pretty fail-safe would be to burn a Linux live DVD, and use that to do the modeswitch thing.

I have already tried ppp which gives me connect script failed. First of all, thank you for posting these instructions.

Huawei: firmware, dashboard, Mobile Partner

Your email address will not be published. Couldn’t get the thing to perform a switch. First, you need to follow the instructions found in this blog post anyway. Some don’t, or will charge you extra for it. View my complete profile. Make certain that their installation is successful. Huawei USB Driver is a significant part for a great many android devices which enables you to easily connect any android device or tablet during your computer or laptop.


Huawei e1692 drivers for Windows

Did xhiavetta try USB-modeswitch manually on the Linux box? Attached scsi generic sg3 type 0 [ Unfortunately, I’ve not come across any reports of this device working with R-Pi.

I found an alternate source for Sakis3G utility here: You can now access the Internet via your 3G modem. Is it plugged into a chivaetta USB hub? It is on a powered hub.

Since I’m using the latest revision of the RPi rev 2, the one made in the U. It successfully connects to the internet and I’m able to do all the browsing and stuff. If you only care about SMS, you don’t need to use data at all. I used custom option I used Trunk configuration options. I’m curious to know what speeds people are getting? If anyone has been able to connect one or knows any ways could please comment on how you achieved this. Chiaveta you commence rooting your apparatus, you need to do a few preparations to chivaetta sure the higher success rate of rooting.


Do you have credit on your SIM? Hi i have another version to install 3G Chiavettx with Raspberry Pi, it is in Spanish but could help to some who wants to use Google Translate, also if you don’t want to use Google Translate it could be easy ’cause it has images to guide Also look at UMTSkeeper Another fantastic point to test is to boot your mobile phone in Safe mode whilst charging to check interhet the feature functions.

What do people think about it? Now your phone will boot along with the very first boot will take a while near about 5 to 8 minutes to earn some change on your chiavftta phone. You’ll also need a SIM which your network provider has enabled for voice.

It supports simple graphics. Do you have any pointers for me on that?