Fri Jan 01, 6: Hi Kamuro, No luck yet.. Here is a picture of the whole board. Hi i need some help converting this board to 5v Here is some pictures: Hi there, I wondered if anyone could help me with this board which I want to convert to 5v.

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Thu Oct 08, 5: It should still work if I were to wire the 5V input on pin 2 of the regulator, right? I have tried to simply put 5v instead of 12v by the normal way on the red wire in the bottom right but it simply does nothing.

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I do not know the name ysb this. Tue Jan 12, If you come across a new board small and handyjust 5v is not enough to power it. Hi Kamuro, No luck yet. Disconnecting the IC did nothing. It only worked a with 5v hcmc I tried on the highlighted place see the 1st poste.


Tried of few things, none on them worked. So did the voltage regulator’s input pin and its output pin I’m guessing?

Right, so I’ve come a step further again. Interesting that you didn’t have to modify it.

Thu Oct 08, 8: Fri Oct 09, 1: Sun Nov 29, 5: How To ask Questions: MauroG, with that usg and the wiring suggested, do you have to remove the chip at all? I got one and it just smoked one off IS this a udb one????? Tue Jan 12, 2: After some tinkering, I have find out that the part circled in red is where I can put the 5v wire.

Now you show us the full picture.

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I now went ahead with some further test and halp from Stackexchange tbh and am at the point where I’d need some comparison values: Thu Oct 08, 6: You can then input 5V on the original 12V input wire, it should also be safe to do, without removing the IC. Last edited by LordRepusv on Fri Oct 16, 9: Tue Nov 17, 6: But I do not know where I can find this?


Here is a picture of the whole board. Anyone care to measure their current consumption at 12v before I get another display to tinker with? I am not able to show the back because it is stick to the screen. If you cchmc destroyed the board by applying power to random parts of it you could probably adapt it to 5V. I the board could directly work in 5v it would be awesome.

These are the specs: So where do I connect the red wire so it work in 5v? Thank you for your answers.