Sound is good and there are different ways to scroll i. It depends on a pair a cables for power and HotSyncing. It is ideal for keeping records, notes, addresses and it can be kept in a pocket. I’m not sure it would make business sense though The new processor helps a good deal when viewing videos on the Kinoma player, although most other speed improvements will not be noticeable to the average user. I think the idea of using Palm OS5 for a x tablet is pretty silly, actually. My old Palm IIIxe had such a shell and it was remarkably scratch-resistant.

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To let applications take advantage of larger screens and large memories, Palm needs to make big changes to the APIs. I think that many users will find that the ej33 life is a more than acceptable compromise. This is a very small feature, but a big nicety in my book. It’s ssj33 too bad that this thing is so thick and heavy.

PalmInfocenter is not responsible for them in any way. Gee, where could it be Quite easy really, I don’t own a smartphone that is redundant when the next version like the iPhone 4 come out! This is a good but may still not be enough.

Still, kudos to Sony to see them listening to user complaints about substandard flip covers, buttons that are useless sh33 gaming and even borrowing a trick from Palm to use a larger reset button hole.


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This unit will definitely appeal to the young movers and shakers, but its design may also turn off the older crowd. The left side of the SJ33 holds a number of features including the new power slider which is new to the SJ series.

With people like you in the world, pretty soon handhelds will have straps on the back to prevent them form floating out of your hand due to their weightlessness. Boy, that was tough. Any use ej33 the word Palm is for discussion purposes and is a registered trademark of Palm Inc. It’s incredibly easy to throw into a pocket and go. Psion Series 5mx 3.

Sony CLIE PEG-SJ33 | ZDNet

Sony is now taking preorders for the SJ33 at SonyStyle. Or you could go down to the SJ Sony has updated its SJ30 mid-range color handheld with the introduction of the SJ Connectivity The SJ33 has the same connector on the bottom clue the device as all recent Clies.

Of course, the SJ33 includes the standard Palm OS applications, like an address book, a scheduler, a to-do-list, and more. Again, you can stick more memory into the machine, but it doesn’t look like regular Palm applications will be able to take advantage of it; the extra memory will just end up being there for data storage.

It is also incredibly confusing in comparison to a simple SD card which you just have the 3 sizes and you know exactly what you need.


Unfortunately, it only supports videos in its own proprietary format. The JogDial and Back buttons are on the left side of the device and are positioned well for comfortable one-handed use.

If I didn’t have such an uncontrolable urge to buy the latest palm the instant it is released, I would be happy with this. The mid-range for handhelds has become very competitive lately. More items related to this product.

Here you are talking about the address book, but neglect to mention lcie you can change the name of the fields. Why buy this when smartphones have these features?

Sony CLIE PEG-SJ33 PDA | eBay

It’s too bad Sony didn’t go with a textured, pebbled plastic shell. It is not compatible with the forthcoming Memory Sick Pro format. And existing applications don’t automatically adapt to the size of those new displays–they have to be hacked up specially or the OS merely scales them up.

Given the limited success of the Newton MessagePad, et. As noted before, the hold button on the outside of the device is a nice feature.