Sycard test Procedure 2: System Devices Provides advanced settings of the system. Procedure 2 Diagnostic Test After removing parts from the computer, place them in a safe place away from the computer so they will not be damaged and will not interfere with your work. Yes i have same problem,My laptop dosn’t desplay any player and no sound atall.

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Any external pointing device connected will also be enabled at the same time.

It will not work on USB keyboard. Procedure 2 Earphone test Connect a set if earphones or external speakers. Reinstall the battery pack.

Compal ACY25 series Manuals

Do not perform any operations that are not necessary comoal use only the described procedures for disassembling and installing modules in the computer. Hardware Major Sub-assembly Specification 4. Using the administration password to enter the setup utility allows the user to access all the configurable fields. Remove four screws securing the thermal unit Figure Heating or disassembling the battery pack could cause leakage of alkaline solution.


The process is summarized in Figure Replace the CPU with another of the same specifications. Removing the system board Chapter Chapter 6: Run the Diagnostic test following the procedures described Tests and Diagnostics. Replace with a good cable.

Removing the microphone jack Chapter System Board 1. Copal temperature should follow below: If the USB device still does not work, go to Check 4.

COMPAL CY25 Notebook & Laptop

This beep code will give immediate identification of certain system board problems. If an error is detected when using the modem, perform the Modem Troubleshooting procedures in Section Proper use of these devices will increase the success rate of your repairs and lower the cost for damaged or destroyed parts.

Active High, go high when adaptor plug-in. If an error does not occur, the port is functioning properly.

If the device functions correctly when connected to another USB port, go to Check 3 Check 3 Make sure that the USB socket is firmly secured to the system board of the computer. Safety Protection Output Connector: Posted on Oct 21, When assembling the computer make sure you use the correct screws to secure the various pieces. Remove four screws securing the thermal unit Figure Password Protection Password and Security support will be implemented in this model. The sub-items under each device will not be shown if the device control is set to disable or auto.


Download drivers for RM plc CY25 based on COMPAL ACY25

Then run the diagnostics test program. The following equipment is necessary to disassemble and reassemble the computer: Copal removes deletes all passwords user and administrator.

When you change a component, be sure the replacement component meets acj25 required specifications. Disconnect the microphone jack FFC. Lever it out by easing up the protruding edge.