I thought you said “outboard” not “onboard”. Here’s how to get the best from that set up No producer in their right mind works on a laptop like this, so I couldn’t find other posts online with the same problem, so I turn to you. This obviously makes proper mixing and mastering pretty much impossible. Do you maybe have a friend or colleague from whom you could borrow an external audio device and try with that? Message 2 of 8. An interface will use up one of your ports and it’s probably not a good idea to connect it through a hub, as everything on that hub will share in interrupt and that can cause audio issues stutter, crackling, static

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However, sound CAN still be heard from other applications auido Dorico has been shut down, so there is nothing wrong with my amplifier and speakers. We only noticed this because it was listed as running app in the task manager.

Users browsing this forum: I can’t double check on my friend’s PC soon, but I feel inclined to believe the audio is now a lot softer than it was before on my headphones, which would also mean that my audio is more honest than it was before.

We are fine with that, since we don’t claim audjo provide the best generic driver. I agree that since Halion SE is showing intermittent effects, the most likely source of the issue is something going on between ASIO and the conexant driver. Once closed asio4all worked again.


It should be slightly less quality but nothing major. Perhaps I installed a wrong driver or something, because Conexany did do a mass update a while ago where I updated everything I could think of.

conexant high definition audio driver

MOV Perspective of life – http: There are loads of options for you out there, depending on budget and usage, either Firewirw or USB connected. Where did you get that information?

It matches audip picture almost exactly, except that mine does not say “2-channel”. Essentials Only Full Version.

No sound with Asio4all – how to fix it

Depends on what you call “very well”. I was having the same problem which was how I found your posting.

Also make sure that both “exclusive mode” boxes are checked to make sure that once Dorico connects it doesn’t get stolen right away by the browser or something else. Hope I don’t offend you when I ask you so obvious question, but have you turned the volume of your speaker up? But pick any other well know manufacturer, M-Audio, Focusrite, you name it, you will get sound out. I was referring to the Conexant, not outboard gear. Jonbouy – great post!

But this is very rare. A sample rate incompatibility but this is very rare FIX: What does it say next your speakers? Perhaps the makers of Dorico might like to consider wrapping its trial version with version 3 of HALion Sonic, rather than version 1.


Loud, crisp, and when listening to some reference tracks, I was very pleased with the way it sounded. You could directly close it from here by selecting the app and choose “end task”.

Issues with my sound(card) [SOLVED] –

conexaht Uninstalling the driver or turning off it’s enhanced modes might solve the issue. The preamps on an onboard interface might not be the best as yes they are designed for simple mics for online chat etc. If so you could see this in the task manager. Post Fri Jun 09, 6: On the other hand, be warned though. After many successless trials of fixing it we found out that the “Video” metro app we once used to watch a video still was running in the background which was blocking the audio.

Post Sat Jun 10, 4: On the other hand, you can load other virtual instruments and their sound libraries into Dorico as well.