Since they are sold below market price, I suspect they paid for a batch to be made with the stolen IP from Microchip. Replying to self after having found my old notes. Not sure how current they are but I sometimes find going back to older tech makes for an easier intro to newer tech. And a simple bash interface is incredibly useful, thanks for bringing this to attention! No need for trivial formalities such as a trial. If that happens the host will lose network connectivity.

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There are reasons why RS is still around. Never mind actually going after a chinese company internally with political connections you dont get big linyx china without political connections for wrong doing in the global market.

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Linux Adds CH341 GPIO

We already have the alternative: Learn how your comment data is processed. Sigrok supports the FX2 as a logic analyzer front end, and various other open firmware examples are available.

Maybe someday we will be able to write little state machine engines in a high level language and download them into these dongles so that they can directly execute complex transactions with sensors etc. For example, he did a speed test that was this simple: No need for trivial formalities such as a trial. Replying to self after having found my old notes.



CP WriteRead Command using LibUSB for Linux

Is there something more fundamentally different about the two? I think you did answer my question: Mostly just rehashed the USB standard and a few datasheet, but very little useful info about software and drivers.

This is close, but no cigar. I think the problem is that the character device way still needs to make its way into libraries and tutorials — hopefully, it happens soon! Unlikely; the char-dev interface has been around for years now, but I see no one ever cp1230 interest in it, other than myself.

Not a good idea. I believe there are other implementations besides arduino. And for some reason, I saw this CH and had to go through the same process. Risk of IP theft?

I guess I have to learn how to use the micro-USB port on these redpills. There was a time when USB to serial hardware meant one company: Why even the basic ones need a complete CPU? Obviously you should be imprisoned immediately.

The CP is available since many years, there are also cheap modules from China, and even some commercial products, like software switchable power strips. Sue a chinese company for copyright theft?


I think bit-banging over USB is never going to pass my smell test, and I am not really interested in constraining myself to one of the supported protocol modes I2C, etc. He got about 2. Never do business again in china.

They were also definitely better than the Microchip solution, which I believe had a much lower maximum baud rate, and quite a few reliability-breaking bugs in their code I looked at things like driver robustness to random disconnects, error rate, reliability of error libux, buffer overflow indicators, etc. In most cases, it is easier to just buy a cheap universal programmer unit.

Interface Forum

Shame they pissed off everybody with their driver shenanigans. And then, to the bus on a or This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Why are most of the programmers pc2130 Arduino chips are so complicated? I have one here which I want to hook up to the Z80 bus on the RC