This goes for any USB video capture device. Had a “Linux compatible” label on the product site, but with license issues , and needs to be patched for kernel 2. Thank you all for your support. Here’s what dmesg reports about my tv tuner: This should give ffmpeg priority over the machine if some other unexpected process comes to life e. Other random things to consider.

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Linux drivers for A or A doesn’t work here. For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. November 24th, 2. Had a “Linux compatible” label on the product site, but with license issuesand needs to be patched for kernel 2. We need to figure out where the USB-Live2’s sound hardware is before we can test sound. Somehow, Linux’s implementation appears to be in “DV Out” mode to the camcorder and takes priority over the analog ins, thus defeating pass-through mode.

With unstable video sources, like VHS, it is up to the software to make sense out of the garbage that is produced by this adapter. Quite a bit of documentation can be had from the command line. Had a “Linux compatible” label on the product site, but with license issues.


What is the format for this file? This goes for any USB video capture device. Originally Posted by bigwolf Mentions that dropped frames still happen. I’ve been experimenting with capturing from my cable box in two hour chunks.

Conexant CXx – LinuxTVWiki

They used to default to 25fps. After quite a few problems, it finally appears to be working well. How do I set up linux to open the video0 device so I can watch tv? There’s a lot of interesting info there, but most lijux right now is the “Video Standard” section which tells us our device is set for PAL:.

Manhattan video grabber hi-speed usb 2.0

With the video apps that come with Ubuntu I read something in a post that intrigued me, but I haven’t been able to find any more details. The only snag I’ve run lniux is with the audio track being mangled when the video is particularly unstable.

I have searched Google and other forums for answers, but I have come up with nothing.


Plug a video source into the USB-Live2. The time now is Pick the one that suits you best. For me, it’s NTSC. Actually, there are two reviews that indicate success with VHS in Ubuntu AVerMedia is occasionally explicitly Linux friendly, though most support has been written without their input and we cannot count on their help in resolving problems.

Using the Hauppauge USB-Live2 with Linux

Tested on Ubuntu Is there a template somewhere that I can copy for use in this file? I know that I’ve done this successfully with Windows and Adobe Premiere. Distro Ubuntu Development Release. This will increase the size of the final video file. Or is the Linux driver handling errors poorly?

Hardware components are Afatech and NXP. The drivers loaded when I rebooted linux! Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.