Start the Add Printer Wizard. Windows can’t install the Datamax PassThrough kernel-mode print driver. This is a special print driver that is unique in that it does not do anything. To do this, turn the printer off. However, once the application is deployed on to the AIX Server, only the Laser Printer works, the label printer flashes to show that it receives the data, but nothing is produced. You still need to set the paper size, orientation, label mark, and black line offset.

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Your printer by default is set to stock ID 5.

Products Solutions Services Resources. Under windows both types of printers function perfectly and the output is created as expected, presumably because the Windows Device Drivers for these two pasdthrough of printer handles the format that Jasper generates.

In case I am doing something wrong, here is the code I am using to generate the output: Select the Features tab. Your name or email address: Browse to the Datamax CD. Do you get Hello world? Apr 15 – 1: Datamax Troubleshooting Turn the printer on.


In those cases, the only way to get the printer working is with this method. Seagull Scientific is a good source for print drivers for all kinds of printers.

Printing to Datamax Thermal Label Printer in UNIX | Jaspersoft Community

With Datamax v 5 firmware: All the ticket sellers notice is that the printer is trying and not succeeding in pushing the stock through. Press F1 and release — this prints a status ticket. Check to make sure Present Sensor is enabled.

Does the printer stop in the right place? Normally passthrouhh could choose the top radio button and use your Datamax printer as your receipt printer.

Setting up a Datamax E-4205e

Windows is ready to copy the files necessary for the driver. It will give you some vague hints. Print drivers change every time Microsoft comes out with a new service pack. If this happens to a printer, look in section 4.

Printing to Datamax Thermal Label Printer in UNIX

It just passes the codes to the printer. Click on the Have Disk button. Do a test ticket.

This is so that your printer begins printing the instant you sell a ticket rather than after a considerable delay while fonts download to your printer.


This is a special print driver that is unique in that it does not do anything. Press the Feed button.

This document was created and added on May 1, Occasionally, a printer will passtnrough fine under Tixsales but print blank tickets with Wintix. Never manually feed the ticket stock. What format does Jasper generate for the output? Do you already have an account? You will not see Datamax listed here in the list of printers.

Setting up a Datamax Ee | Center Stage Software Help Desk

It simply removes them. With the Datamax printer codes, you need to know where the start point is. To obtain a driver that is compatible with this version of windows you are running, contact the manufacturer.