Click OK to return to the Watched Folders dialog box. You can configure Distiller to look for PostScript files in certain folders called watched folders. These instructions assume you’re using Adobe Acrobat 3. Settings files created by other users are read-only. Acrobat Distiller main window Windows. Right-click the job queue, and choose Save List. From the Windows Start menu, choose Settings and then choose Printers.

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Acrobat Distiller 5 hangs when printing from RPM

The printer driver and. Windows Send the fonts used in the document. Edit Answer for another minute. I didn’t have to do anything other than install the program the pring time, and “Acrobat Distiller” showed up in the window where I choose the type of a printer I want to use. From the Settings menu, select Job Options and then choose the Fonts tab.

If you’re not typesetting the document, either From the File menu, choose Preview to open the document in the preview window, and then choose Print. Check the radio button for Always use True Type fonts. From the Distiller menu, choose Font Location. A security icon is prepended to any folder name for which security is set.


Windows only To open the folder where the selected files are, right-click the job queue and choose Explore. If you want to create a PDF file from a different document, substitute the name of your document in the instructions.

Creating PDFs with Acrobat Distiller

In the Print dialog, choose Print or OK. Lets you specify the name and location for files when using drag-and-drop or the Print command. Required hard disk space is often double the size of the PostScript file being processed.

Using Adobe Acrobat Distiller 5. These instructions also assume you’re using a print driver that can generate.

Queue a PostScript file. For example, Distiller does not convert a PostScript file in a watched folder if the file is marked with read-only permission. Sharing enables other users to copy files to the In folder and get files from the Out folder. Distiller automatically puts an In folder and an Out folder in the target folder. To resume processing the current job, click Resume.

What do I do? The document used in this example is samplearticle.

Acrobat Distiller 5 hangs when printing from RPM | Brooksnet

You might restart the Acrobat Installer, and check whether you installed all the options. The process varies for each version of Adobe Acrobat.


Save a history of the job queue Windows. To return a folder to the original options selected in the Distiller window, select the folder, and click Clear Security.

On an NTFS, only files created by respective users are read- and write-accessible. Do any of the following: Open the PostScript file and start the conversion process, using either method:. The Press setting is the best suited for creating PDF files. Keep in mind the following guidelines when creating PostScript files: If the settings change, Acrobat opens the Save Job Options As dialog so you can name and save the settings. Click Add Folderand select the target folder.

Check the radio button for Favor system True Type fonts over printer fonts. When you are asked for a.