All pertinent details listed here, nicely organized. Unlike the iPod, the DMP-X20 doesn’t let you store contact and calendar information or play games, and the seven-band equalizer has a scant four presets versus the iPod’s 22 , but you can store voice notes. Too many of my albums need to played in order, and I sure as hell don’t want to make hundreds of playlists Made from reinforced Nylon. It may loosen in time.

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Hopefully Gateway will offer a battery replacement service in the future like Apple now has. Post 8 of Shame on you Austonia! Post 12 of Easy, only took 5 minutes using the included CD. All pertinent details listed s20, nicely organized. Can you imagine my horror??

Wholesale MP3,MP4,PMP Battery For GATEWAY DMP-X20 MP3 player (P/N DMP-X20 )

All in all, I feel this is a good player and worthy of recommendation, assuming the LCD defect here isn’t common. No, create an account now.

Dec 28, at Trump says federal employees want the wall. Rmp posted by austonia found what I consider a design flaw. Post 14 of The Bottom Line This solid, attractive update to the eDigital Odyssey fixes many of its ancestor’s problems. Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi.


Has a good clip and velcro closing top. It only offers simple controls, but good enough. Not too concerned as my iPod is still going stong for over a year.

Same size as the Odyseey, which makes it look even bigger on this shrunken chassis. Also lists “loop” meaning you can scroll up at the top of the list A and roll around the bottom Z. It’s ddmp they don’t even acknowledge this in the e-mail as being a problem, nor does it look like they are interested in fixing it in the future.

This setup is easy enough to understand that anyone can pick it up and be playing music in 5 seconds. Anak Krakatau volcano now a quarter of its pre-eruption size.

Just got Gateway DMP-X Mini-review: | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Well, like most other players, it’s internal and non-replaceable. Easy enough, select how you want to see your music from the main menu.

The Good Ergonomic controls; rugged, dp design; voice recording; FM radio; large, easy-to-navigate display; in-line remote. Post 11 of Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s Dec 27, at 5: Back is bead-blasted plastic, which should resist scratching and feels durable.


Doesn’t Gateway think that just about every consumer that buys this will bump into this problem and not be a happy camper. Nationwide internet outage affects CenturyLink customers. To work around this shortcoming, you’ll have to re-create each album as a properly sequenced playlist in the companion Windows Media Player software.

Review: Gateway DMP-X20 MP3 Music Player – ABC News

However, the player doesn’t support regular WAV file playback? Albums do not naturally play in the track order that they are tagged. Dec 27, at 9: On thing of note is that the Gateway player I saw on display at the store had a purple backlight, this one has blue.