Computer Links Level 3 Expert Answers. You can try this. One way to do that is to disconnect it from the mother board or remove it from the case, and use an ohm meter to test it with the power off of course. Scandisk problem once entering Windows About the Nforce3-A v1. Are you connecting the SATA drive before you boot or after you boot?

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Why does the system hang after all the drivers are installed? I have a hard time getting it to boot if at all.

Test the power switch to see if it is good. Would moving the jumper without upgrading the BIOS have fixed the problem? Ssata it have an OS installed?

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Answered on Nov pt800cea, If Ptce-a sata feel like indulging in some risky ptce-a sata, I satq ptce-a sata a mild overclock of or MHz. Start be removing all the cards in it that you don’t need.


Click on this link: CMI The audio channel support ptce-a sata. I have tried to install drivers but they will not install. Answered on Nov 27, What’s on this drive?


A LCD panel ptce-a sata setting question. About the P-A V1. These test options should get you to find the problems. Please login or register. Check the board manual for the right jumper setting for it. After I did that, when I hooked it up to my motherboard, it was recognized and working okay. The limitation of Thiz Linux v5.


See if the computer will turn on. Your boot drive is still the Seagate IDE. Power supply, CPU or fan or both, possible other causes such as hard drive. Try it in a different SATA slot The problem is the motherboard doesn’t recognize the SATA drive.

PT800CE-A not recognizing SATA drive

Answered on Apr 24, Answered on Jun 17, See what the settings are. Examine all cables going to the mother board.


The one I installed was 3-’07 I think. Forum only search News: If it turns on, then you need to test each item one by one to see where the computer will not start.

Is this a new build or some thing that you have been using that started acting up?. I found this out by accident, when I was trying to get mine to boot. The audio output problem of K7S5A. Any help is appreciated.