By combining both types of ribbon panels, this ribbon can be used to print full-color, photoquality images with the dye-sublimation panels along with sharp, black text and bar codeswith the resin black panel. Access CardThe card for the SmartGuard security system. Reviewing the Glossary of Terms continued TermDefinitionPinch RollerA free spinning non-driven Roller that presses the card againstthe drive Roller, on the opposite side, to ensure an adequatenormal force for proper traction. Adjust the Resin Heat K setting as needed , as shown below. No action is required. MemoryA generic term for any device that stores digital information usingmagnetic media or digital chip storage device.

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The printer driver is simply software which gives the printer all the information needed forprinting. Resin black text is desirable due to itssharp, saturated black coloring, and resin black bar codes are often required to ensurereadability when scanned.

StepProcedure1Use the dimensions specified in Section 9 as a guideline for the minimumclearances to the unit. The Flipper Table should rotate and stop level with the card feedpath. Never use a sharp tool or a metal object of any kind to clean thePrinthead.

Refer to the cause and solutionTables in this section for all possible LCD messages. High throughput card printing The Persona C25 features built-in RAM, so your system can process information while still printing cards. Controlling the Dye-Sub Intensity YMCB Step1ProcedureControl the overall darkness and lightness of the printed image by adjusting theDye-Sub Intensity slide by clicking and dragging the slide’s box or by clicking onthe left and right arrows.


Fargo Persona C25 ID Printer

Check to see if a card is jammed in the print station of the Printer. What is the Barcode. Step1ProcedureAlter the intensity level of the Printhead either after replacing the Printhead oridentifying certain color intensity problem with a particular brand of cards.

We prinfer comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. To ensure proper Printercommunications and image output, Fargo recommends a parallelinterface cable that complies with this specification. This procedure should also be performed if you notice a streak on the card wherecolor was not transferred.

Black resin text and barcodes appear faded or too light.

Fargo Persona C25 (2-sided) Badge Printer (FARGO_C25)

Properly loadedcards will be oriented with the mag stripe facing down and toward the back of thePrinter. For best results, keep the Interface Prniter to less than six 6 feet.

Controlling the Resin HeatStep1ProcedureControl the amount of heat the Printer uses when printing with the resin blackpanel s of a full-color ribbon or when printing with a resin-only ribbon byadjusting the Resin Heat. Fast, on-demand personalization The Fargo Persona C25 features built-in RAM, so your system can process information while still printing cards.

Direct ;ersona Card Dye Sublimation. Inthe company also launched SecureMark, a combination of hardware, software and processes that are specifically engineered to reduce card identity system vulnerabilities.

Adjust the Resin Heat K setting as neededas shown below. If the Printer functions properly, re-attach the back cover to perdona Printer. See the Resolving the CardFeeding Errors procedure onpage Step1ProcedureClick on the Self Test button to print out a test page and ensure that thecomputer is effectively communicating with the Printer, and that the Printer isfunctioning properly.


Fargo Persona C25 Color ID Card Printer Thermal Transfer Power Tested | eBay

Monochromeresin ribbon required for straight polyester cards. Media Feeder Max Faryo. For ribbon breakage between the yellow and the clear panel of theribbon, or a card jam just as the card is being presented to the Printhead, adjust the cardoffset RP3 potentiometer as needed.

Follow this instruction to pack the Card Printer for transport. These Tables display the LCDmessages in alphabetical order. With edge-to-edge, photo quality printing, it delivers professional looking cards in just 30 seconds. Plastic card printer – dye sublimation – color. In order for the Printer Driver to differentiate betweenmagnetic Track data and the rest of the printable objects, the magnetic Track data stringsmust be uniquely tagged or added.

Print id badges and id cards with this high quality badge printer.

Cleaning the Magnetic EncoderClean the Magnetic Encoder approximately every 1, prints or as needed depending onthe cleanliness of the card stock and the lrinter in which the Printer is located. If the card is inserted with the sticky side facing downward,it will stick to the Card Input Tray and will not feed.