This fixes the issue where FCP targets are intermittently not being seen during boot, especially on a large SAN configuration. This fixes the issue where the health state of the fcd instances in ioscan may incorrectly show that it’s online, even though the link is down. This problem has been fixed in the SNIA vendor library for the fcd driver. For example, if your primary and alternate paths are set as follows: Press 0 to go back to the previous menu.

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If workarounds are available, they are included.

FAB August, Nomenclature: Click the OK button on the Note window to reboot the system. It supports Fibre Channel hardware products such as: Take note of the controller handle number inside the brackets, labeled as Ctlr[]. This fixes the fcd driver init script for the issue of HPVM guest boot delays caused when there is high number of stale IO nodes present. This problem has been fixed in the SNIA vendor library for the fcd driver.

See the above output for details. System Administration More information. If the CRA fails in this way during a swinstall or swremove operation, fibrchanp system will automatically reboot to complete the requested operation.


AA 11i v1, v2 and v3: Type S to display a list of specific FRUs.

How to install fiber channel card drivers

Trap list of Agent Ver. Highlight FibrChanl software bundle. The following table lists the recommended EFI and firmware versions at the release of FibrChanl fcd driver, version B: Operating system and version compatibility The following software or later versions must be installed before installing the FibrChanl fcd driver, version B into a fibrchxnl HP P art Number: Windows Host Utilities 6. A-3 Using More information.

Press 0 to go back to the previous menu. ADA 11i v1, v2 and v3: This fixes the issue where the fcd driver may panic with Bad News!

How to install fiber channel card drivers –

FC fibbrchanl display the registered symbolic names, which can be used by users to correlate SAN components across multiple servers and storage. Windows Server Fibrhanl for Itanium-Based Systems offers the following high-end features and capabilities: From the EFI shell: This chapter contains the following sections: Reconfigure by moving the alternate boot device to a different HBA. Symbolic Names are user friendly names fibrcuanl to SAN components, and registered with the name server of an FC switch.


These configurations can result in servers losing connection to the Storage Area Network SAN during mezzanine adapter initialization, and SAN boot may fail in such configurations. Using ioscan with krm Not Running When ioscan is run with the fn or Fn option, and the kernel resource monitor krm is not running, there could be stale krm device files in the system, which would correspond to different devices, including fcd, in ioscan output.

HP-UX Fibre Channel driver for QLogic-based 2Gb, 4Gb, 8Gb, and 16Gb FC HBAs

Tell us what’s missing. Enter full path name of the depot file you downloaded into Source Depot Path field. Sep 5 This fixes an issue where the fcd driver may panic during boot, when there is an 8 Gb Mezzanine HBA configured in a blade server.

Addition of the card in progress Start display at page:. To install all the products from the downloaded depot, run the program using the command: