Flashbus Spectrim File Name: Eye tracking specifications Eye tracking technique Binocular bright and dark pupil tracking. The Pro Spectrum is extremely accurate and precise with unparalleled tracking robustness, which makes it possible to study a very large portion of the population in many real-life conditions. Tobii Pro Spectrum accuracy and precision test report 1. Multiple sampling rate options accommodate everything from fixation-based research to studies with more intense requirements on data granularity and time-based measurements. The Pro Spectrum tolerates more head movements than any other high-frequency screen-based eye tracker on the market. Tobii Pro Spectrum Screen-based eye tracker capturing gaze data at speeds up to Hz.

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Researchers can rely on quick, stable calibration of subjects and productively track the subjects they have attained for their study.

Infant and child researchers use eye tracking to study perceptual, cognitive, and social-emotional development from birth through early adulthood. The Tobii Pro Spectrum is our latest and most advanced eye tracking platform, designed for extensive studies into human behavior and the mechanics of the fastest eye movements.

Additionally, the spectri, was designed with OEM requirements in flashbus spectrim. Flashbus spectrim lite driver Title:. With the power supply unit, the weight is 5.


Click a thumbnail flashbus spectrim view larger flashbus spectrim. To download the Eye Tracker Manager free of charge, go here. Very high tolerance for both large and fast head movements in all directions Spdctrim resumes quickly if the subject moves in and out of the track box. Combination with other physiological data while you design, execute, and analyze with heat maps, gaze plots.


Tobii Pro Spectrum accuracy and precision test report 1. A low and stable response time of less than five milliseconds makes it suitable for studies where control of the timing of the stimuli presentation is essential. Please flashbus spectrim free to contact flashbus spectrim at flashbus spectrim pdo spectrim. Flashbus Spectrim Download Stats: NET, Python, and Matlab.

Video can be captured and stored in either square pixel or CCIR resolutions, and can be scaled to any arbitrary size. Recommended if Flashbus Spectrim is the only driver on your PC you wish to update. In this section we will describe how an eye tracker works.

The output trigger can be either TTL or optically isolated for camera strobe. The eye tracker comes fully assembled in the supplied travel case and doesn’t require manual configuration with the setup of cameras, lenses, etc.

At least one eye tracked Operating distance 55 to 75 cm 22” and 30” from the eye tracker reference point Total system latency Less than 3 frames less than 2. The removable high-resolution 24″ monitor accommodates the display of on-screen stimuli and has been carefully selected from a high-quality display manufacturer to meet the highest demands on xpectrim presentation.

Fast switching spectrkm up to 20 images per second between camera inputs is also possible for surveillance applications. Tobii Pro Spectrum user manual 2. Please help us maintain a helpfull driver collection.


Our eye trackers combine excellent accuracy and precision with an extremely high tolerance for large head movements and a variety of environments.


Additionally, the spectri, was designed with OEM requirements in mind. The Pro Spectrum is very flexible to multiple settings and can be used for different purposes.

Tobii Pro Spectrum product description 2. Software for the stand-alone configuration accommodates studies that involve real-world stimuli VESA mounting available for fixed table or wall installation Handle allows for smooth adjustment when accommodating subjects of different heights.

As with all Integral Technologies image capture products, a comprehensive software developers kit is available that provides access f,ashbus the features of Flashbus spectrim Spectrim hardware.

Tobii Pro Spectrum remote eye tracker, sync with biometric data

This one-day training provides a basic understanding of the hardware and the software. This unique combination of capabilities allows researchers to deeply explore human behavior and cognitive processing, as well as the mechanics of the fastest eye movements e. Flashbus Spectrim now has a special edition for these Windows versions: We recommend using this monitor, but optionally other monitors can be used too. The Pro Spectrum tolerates more head movements than any other high-frequency screen-based eye tracker on the market.

Tlashbus unit, without the monitor, measures 55 cm x 18 cm x 6 cm 22″ x 7″ x 2″.