Job Memory 1 Job Name Are you sure? Turn the power switch off, unplug the light even though power cord from the power outlet, and you instructed it to check the interface cable connection. Trays 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 Bypass can be set. Documentcentre c series , Documentcentre c series. The Pass- word Entry screen is also displayed when the totals management feature is active.

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Page 25 Do not try to alter the machine configuration or modify any parts. When placing a mixed stack of color and black- and-white documents, select Auto under Output Color in the Basic Copying screen. If this happens, we recom- pvl adding on memory.

Ethernet Board Setting 4. For details on machines installed with the fax feature, see the User Guide Facsimile.

Supported Printers

Starting Setting Of Totals Management Non-account Dv Jobs without account information jobs generated by printer drivers other than those manufactured by Fuji Xerox exist as print jobs.

The copier is provided with a Power Saver feature that automatically cuts off the electricity to the machine it is left unused for a while.

Copying certain documents may be illegal in your country. Paper is sometimes torn and remains inside the machine if you draw out a tray without checking the paper jam position. Illegal Copies It is illegal to make copies of certain documents.


Page Overview of Job Confirma- tion Feature Job confirmation involves confirming currently executing, queued or completed jobs. When the compensation of one screen type is completed, specify the following screen type and repeat the procedure.

If I go into the font viewer and print the entire Calibri font from windows If you select the More Protocol Settings allows you to set the following items: Enter the setting values using the numeric keypad referring to the table below.

Load and align the edge of the paper against the left front edge of the tray with the side to be copied pcll printed on facing up. Color Space Set the default color space. For details about manually set addresses, consult your network administrator. Mostly it has been the error, but the result is the same. Changing the Size of Paper in Trays Following describes how to change the paper size on trays 1 to 4.

Solved: WorkCentre – Error codes & – Customer Support Forum

Close the black cover by holding the orange knobs on the left and right. The copy density can be selected in seven levels from Lighter to Darker. Thank you for your cooperation.


This will display the Basic Copying screen. Default is 2 as Normal. When the Offset Catch Tray option is installed, copies are output the output position alternately shifted to distin- guish each copy job. When making copies on heavyweight paper or other special media, use Tray 5 Bypass Trayand select the required paper type.

Is the Brightness Adjustment Dial set Adjust the brightness of the display by too dark? So is there a problem with Adobe Reader? Goods Guidance Stored Date: Connect the power plug only to a properly cpl power outlet.

Fuji Xerox DocumentCentre C400 Series User Manual

In the following example, Copy Job – Text is used. In text descriptions, this button is indicated as the Job Status but- ton. Close the Staple Finisher front cover. The following items are printed on Meter Reports: