Jul 5, Oddometer: The GPS then gave me the pop up to install the battery. So I don’t see anything back here to be wet. Dismiss Notice Subscriptions are finally here! Started Garmin Express and followed the prompts. Favorite Ride; Nimbus boy this thing can fly. Garmin Express wants your reconnected again to verify that the updated have been updated correctly.

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Jul 2, Oddometer: Originally Posted by Bob Ledford. And if so, how can I make this waterproof? GJun 27, All times are GMT Wouldn’t update when I plugged it in, so I googled how to update and it sent me to a webside called garmin express where i had to save it to my desktop.

Results 1 to 19 of The system for the most part seems waterproof. I hooked mine up last night and it does the same thing. I rode the Spyder to the dealer this afternoon to pick up the new GPS, and while I was there they also replaced the analog fuel gauge.

We head back home and I mount the Zumo when we take off in the morning.


zump Originally Posted by Winni-Laker. Jul 5, Oddometer: I just got this. Started Garmin Express and followed the prompts. The GPS then gave me the pop up to install the battery.

Updates & Downloads

Took a 3 day ride into the Sierras; picked time when the year June storm hit CA and dumped rain from coast to the Sierras. Got it off without using a crowbar plugged in the short USB cable supplied. From what I understand, you can only connect and charge it when connected to the inside port. Alternatively how does one waterproof a 3. I gaarmin the GPS and connected a usb cable, but got no message.

Garmin: USB Drivers Updates & Downloads

Got the notice a map update was needed. Day 2 it rained pretty much all day, soft to medium.

Finishing up and turning everything off and relaxed. I then tried snapping the automobile mounting cradle onto the back of the GPS and plugging the mini-USB plug into the port on the cradle.

If you had already installed the software, I would recommend you give it an other shot and re-install. Day 3 it is still raining, though not as much. GE remembered the missing template and started the download stating a thirty five minute install time. I’m sure the gps has to sense a signal – some voltage across some pins – to generate that message.


OR just ignore it? Tuesday Decided to ride using the Garmin today since I was looking for a residence in unfamiliar territory. He had me speak to the service manager who said he’d be glad to check out the GPS unit any time that was convenient for me, so I said “How about this afternoon?

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to rain test my Zumo Then half hour fine, followed by more messages, i. Template was not done but GE was stopped dead in its tracks. I hope I don’t have to do a system reset since I’d lose all my waypoints.

Favorite Ride; Nimbus boy this thing can fly.