Its main product line was the GBX amplifier, which could reach watts with 4×10″, 4×12″ or 2×15″ speakers. It had four outputs on the back which fed the secondary, power amplifiers. I have this huge, ugly as sin “GBX” bass amp down in my basement. Learn more about this amp from SoundInstruction. I can’t find any info searching online.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. And its possible that the cab may be full of greenback speakers!

But you could also daisy chain cabinets together to exceed the 4 cabinets and still controlled by a single preamp. Bass series were known as the ‘Bass Bug’ with a single 15 inch speaker.

Kenneth Mountain likes this. They also made 4×10″, 8×10″ and 2×15″ enclosures for bass as well as a matching driver. Aug 20, 4. Retrieved from ” http: GBX users would bss 2 of these stacked creating a rig with watts output, which for the time was more than enough power.


GBX amps made in Canada

Found out it was related to the cord between the head and cabinet. This article needs additional citations for verification. Kenneth MountainApr 27, Ahed Music Corporation, Ltd.

As they are in mint collector’s condition. Hope you score it! Which had been the local reseller and supporter of the GBX line.

I’m not sure if it’s solid state or tube type. Log baws or Sign up. Anyone know anything about GBX amps? When he gets back I will snap a few.

GBX amps made in Canada | Squier-Talk Forum

The GBX Driver was a preamp or head that had an effect input, a normal input, a gain control, 3 tone controls labelled brilliance, depth and presence, and a 5 position response dial with dramatic contrasts between the A, B, C, D and E pre-set tone positions. The head, a small, black and blue unit vass a variety of channels for sounds, a single input and an effect input, was either designated for guitar or bass. No, create an account now. The GBX amplifier had a pre-amplifier that could change the gain, brilliance, depth, contour and response of the output.


The standard cab was 4×10″ speakers with an watt solid-state power amp mounted in the back.

But say’s it worked good the last time it was used. See “How are you mixing your keyboards?

I can’t seem to find any info on yr 2×12 cabinet though I owned one of these in the late 90s. I love the way the speaker cabinet looks. Ghx “GBX by Ahed”. Does the power lamp on the cabinet light up at all? Share on social media with the hashtag EducationParagon. When are my units and coursework due? They did make PA’s gass they had PA in the model designation.

GBX amps were made in Toronto during the late 60’s through the mid 70’s. Well it’s a bass cabinet but actually has 2 different heads that sit on it.