They were also the only ones that selected the FinePoint digitizer over Wacom’s technology. Pen tip Pen button. Now we need to know what the wacom driver is seeing. You can display information about any setting in the Tablet and Pen Settings window by selecting the question mark button in the upper right corner of the window, then selecting a setting. Share This Page Tweet.

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It looks almost the same, but all the major underpinnings have been changed. Yes, my password is: I cannot over-emphasize what a huge difference that makes.

TabletPC Compatible Wacom Pens (Surface Pro & Pro2 Only)

Modding the stylus on a tc tablet PC May 8, 5: You can look at this display from every angle and the picture never changes. Also, like anything else, pens age and sometimes lose their original inking feel; perhaps your pen is simply worn out?

A full degrees both ways as opposed to just degrees vertical as is usually the case with standard LCDs. It had a snap-on keyboard that was more tightly integrated into the Compaq’s design than any of the garden-variety dual-purpose keyboards that also serve as a display cover.

The Cross Executive pen also felt less smooth. Is it even likely that there is enough wasted space in the barrel that I will be able to get its sized down enough to do what I want?

HOW TO: Install Ubuntu on a HP TC tablet pc – Page 14

Wacom Asia Pacific Pen Compatibility. There are various carrying cases, wireless options, caddies, docking station options, and a number of bundles.


The felt nibs are quite popular on glass screens. It has been replaced with ubiquitous Wacom technology. Unlogictabletpcrev and jaekqubp like this.

You can explore this by pressing ‘ESC’ when the system says ‘Press Esc to enter menu’ as it starts up if it doesand then selecting the Windows XP entry on the menu, if it exists. Here is a photo of the insides.

Most of the more exotic pens are no longer available, but some, like the UPE can still be found at Amazon and on eBay. Your name or email address: I’ve tried a lot of nibs in a lot of pens, and I can’t say that I ever ran into a combination that felt “loose. Gone are the long waits and the somewhat inconsistent performance of the TC The preferences include settings that optimize handwriting recognition and menu display locations for either right-handed or left-handed users.

Pen Computing Magazine: Hewlett Packard TC Tablet PC review

Nothing special here, just routine updates to the current state of the art. Is this because the partition was really deleted, or perhaps because the boot sector on the hard drive was erased?

For the extra money you get the faster processor, the wide viewing angle display, MB of RAM, a 40 instead of a 30GB disk, and a three year warranty instead of just one. The pen hl used for inputting data into applications as well as selecting and activating items similar to a mouse.


Prefrences General pointing device preferences, such as pointer speed, click speed, and mouse trails, are set in the Mouse Properties window.

Nice to know it works with the Surface. Same for the tremendous difference between the original’s display and the TC’s wide viewing angle display. My Feel pen has the white, hard plastic nib installed, but it is also among my newest pens penn the Bamboo Feel pens supposedly have unidentified improvements in their design.

I’m wondering how yours comes to be an older version – have you tried to install this from source? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. That is extremely important in a Tablet PC that will be used both in portrait and in landscape mode. First, can you confirm my understanding of how things stand with Ubuntu. I’d say it does but I can’t really say that a 28g pen is too heavy for art compared to the 18g pen. This is too bad as it is possible to put a full QWERTY implementation even on a compact keyboard by making punctuation keys slightly narrower see review of Getac W on page Does anyone know of a way to remove this update?