You can tell the chassis is sturdy and that this thing could take a few bumps and bruises from everyday commuting. It is very responsive and accurate. The guide does not even try to install the signed executables until you have got the Wireless LAN up and running so the signatures can be verified, I even mention SmartScreen as one of the reasons for the order of drivers in the guide ;. This link isnt available…any idea? My screen is divided when I rotate and the touchscreen dont work….

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The fact it runs at all, not to mention suift it is actually pretty damm usable with Windows 8, even bells and whistles like the fingerprint scanner and webcam work fine, is somewhat impressive. February 3, at This link isnt available…any idea?

My screen is divided when I rotate and the touchscreen dont work… I am the only? March 22, at November 4, matvell Windows 8 includes a feature that used to only be part of IE that calls off to an MS web service to verify digital signatures are valid on newer type signed executables. Anyway, upon removing the SD card and restarting the install came up just fine every time I tried.


Yes its same here while rotating screen,but external mouse has stopped working after enabling touch screen functionality. Your quite right, 3 times out of 5 with different SD cards the install failed to start stalling at the blue squares.

I went out and bought another USB stick, I got the same result. July 16, at I have filled a bug report in synce bug tracker: Also, have you verified your ISO download is good if it is not this is the sort of issue you may well get?

Thanks in Advance KS. Second, is it possible to improve the touch driver so its as smooth as the mouse? June 18, at I jtc assuming people have access to another Windows PC to setup the install, if your using a Linux distro or something cool and exotic I am sure you can adapt the guide.

Linux on HTC Shift | pofHQ

Hi, Has anyone tried to use the tutorial of pof with ubuntu June 27, at I choose Install now and after two minutes I get this error: If you choose this option, you will be able to use 3G connectivity and to transfer files from WinCE using synce, however the provided USB ethernet will not work.


Many thanks in advance Install Instructions: At the htd it includes precompiled binaries for 2. Btw, great work, shift looks and behaves very smooth with windows 8!

July 23, at Visit our network of sites: Hi angelos, Thanks for the feedback, I have updated the post to make the. Nothing seem to work…. Although the Shift feels heavy, it only weighs shitt at 2.

How To: Install Windows 7 on HTC Shift [UMPC]

If it is not shown chances are something stopped the stick being marked as bootable. May hfc, at Hi Pof, have you installed just Ubuntu or Xubuntu? The SnapVUE screen is a convenient feature and can be switched back an forth from it and Vista the Internet with a push of a button. September 4, at