Where should they be on OS X? This all worked fine when I upgraded t November 27, at 8: See related articles to this posting. Have restarted and rebooted after changes to server. To use the JDBC 3.

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The only difference is the driver name, which is now: My server crashed nothing to do with Sybase and I had to re-install from scratch. May 9, at 5: The newsgroups have moved to a new server. Breck — bcarter risingroad. Problem getting connection from DataSource: January 18, at 7: In SQL Anywhere See related articles to this posting.

All I can suggest is that you validate that you have configured things correctly. The ability to automatically start and stop local database servers. I have a database witch working with sql anywhere studio 8. March 3, at 9: However, the performance and flexibility improvements that an application gains by using the iAnywhere JDBC driver certainly justify its consideration.


In the future, you will be sent there automatically.

Jason Hinsperger Jbdcodbc author. I have note that restarting the database can allow me to make an new select wich is working. Hi, That’s not the jConnect 5. Can you still run the database file in ASA8?

As some sites, the application works differently depending on whether they installed the ASA9 client or they just continued the ASA8 client. May 2, 4 minute read.

Connecting to SQL Anywhere using JDBC | SAP Blogs

Establishing a connection is the first step any JDBC jdbcodbd must take when working with database data. November 28, at Now, I get following error:. We did add to the GAC the iAnywhere.

This jar is the only jar I’ve added to the IDE and it’s working there. There is the getSQLState me Search or use up and down arrow keys to select an item. What type of driver is it?

Of course, some additional work needs to jdbcocbc done on the part of the app to get jConnect to use this status byte. I have migrate this database to sql anywhere studio 9.


Connecting to SQL Anywhere using JDBC

The applet class is com. Do I need to include another jar to my path? Many customers have reported a 2 to 3 times performance improvement while some internal iAnywhere engineering tests have demonstrated up to a 7 times improvement. When ianywhdre try to load, we get kanywhere error saying that the database file is not in a valid format.

However, even when I specify the jar itself it still does not work. Let say, if i want to migrate my standalone system to client-server system, how do i do that?