Zero Maximum number of features: Both libraries support entry-level, unattended backup, open system attachment flexibility, and enhanced capacity and performance. SARS can cause the drive to request a cleaner tape, to mark the media as degraded, and to indicate that the hardware has degraded. Drives, power supply, cartridge magazines are customer replacement parts. This technology is designed to reduce the total number of components in the drive, help lower chip temperatures, and reduce power requirements, helping to provide for a more reliable drive. Adherence to LTO specifications.

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For information, visit http: The installation of a Ultrium 6 tape drive with encryption may require code updates for System p and supported open systems device drivers or storage management software. These are designed to help improve the reliability of loading and unloading a cartridge, and to retain the pin even if tension is dropped.

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Our systems, processes and flexible policies support our goal of providing customers 3537-tl a positive experience. IBM’s patented “Scheme-Swapping” compression is designed to look ahead at incoming data, and determine the most efficient storage method either ALDC or pass-thru mode to help provide optimal data compression and increased data throughput.

IBM TS and TS Tape Libraries for Lenovo Product Guide (withdrawn product) > Lenovo Press

Robust drive components optimized for automation environments – The drive was designed using some of the most robust components available, such as: Standard bar ubm reader: Standard bar code reader – With the addition of the standard bar code reader, you will be able to operate the TS as a random access tape library with labeled media.


Product life cycle dates.

You may order additional magazines as an option. The tape itself is a Barium Ferrite tape developed for durability and capacity.

Family +03 IBM System Storage TS Tape Library Express Model L4U

Changes in the July 12 update: Tivoli Storage Manager and other compatible software offerings can provide storage and tape management software for the TS Tape Library. A remote management unit and a barcode reader are standard in the library, allowing the library to 373-tl in sequential or random access mode.

Ultrium 4 Cartridge Compatibility: One feature is required with feature There are 6, data tracks in Ultrium 8 versus 3, data tracks in Ultrium 7. This helps improve performance if a subsequent append overwrites somewhere after the first filemark, and helps prevent having to rewrite data sets containing customer data and the first filemark if such an append occurs.

Family 3573+02 IBM System Storage TS3100 Tape Library Express

Data path failover is designed to provide a failover mechanism in the IBM device driver, which is designed to enable you to configure multiple redundant paths in a SAN environment. Cartridges under library control are not shared between logical libraries, nor allowed to be moved between logical libraries. The Ultrium 4 Tape Drive can read and write Ultrium 3 cartridges. Individual application vendors should be contacted for specific information and availability dates.


One Initial order only: Product life cycle dates. Actual degree 357-tl compression achieved is highly sensitive to the characteristics of the data being compressed. Authors Ilya Krutov Inna Yanusova. The TS Tape Library can accommodate up to two LTO Ultrium half-high tape drives or one LTO Ultrium full-high tape drive, and comes standard with two removable cartridge magazines, one on the left side 12 data cartridge slots and one on the right 12 data cartridge slots.

Larger internal 3573–tl buffer: Improvements specifically in idle mode are improved over Ultrium 5. Multi-path feature to allow sharing of the library robotics across heterogeneous applications independently of each other. HP-UX patches may be required. Also, whereas the compression technology used in the tape drive can typically double the amount of data that can be stored on the media, the actual degree of compression achieved is highly sensitive to the characteristics of the data being compressed.

Windows 3573-lt a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

This will in turn bring up the “Product” menu, which provides selections for “Platform 357-tl, Tools, or Software”. The data path failover is designed to provide a failover mechanism for configuring multiple redundant paths in a SAN environment. This capability helps reduce tape breakage, stretching, or loose tape wraps during a sudden power-down.