Media Center 3 Create and send the message. Multimedia Messages 4 If the slide show contains more than one audio recording, a list of the audio recordings appears. Airtime charges will be assessed for the entire period during which a call or Direct Connect transmission is connected to the Nextel network. Viewing Date and Time To view the date and time a call alert was received: Using Java applications may cause your phone to use up more battery power than other uses of your phone.

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Copying, distribution, or use without permission is strictly prohibited. A network lock, otherwise known as a SIM lock, is a control placed on the phone by the original network that sold it. Safety and General Information To assure optimal radio product performance and make sure human exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic energy is within the guidelines set forth in the above standards, always adhere to the following procedures: You can also edit the information in Line 1, Line 2, and Circuit Data, but your changes are only temporary.

Creating Events In week view, events appear as markers corresponding to their times. These may be pictures and audio recordings, including pictures and voice records you create while creating the message. Resolution – Refers to the width and the length od the additional display 96 x 32 pixels.


Page 7 Ending Applications The Direct Connect number or name of the person who is speaking will appear on the display below the Talkgroup number. For more information about making calls from Datebook and Datebook reminders, go to nextel.

Deleting an Item 1 Scroll to or select the item you want to delete. Menu key — accesses context-sensitive menus.

Motorola i760-White, Blue-Iden-Cellular Phone

Some household cleaners may contain chemicals that could seriously damage the radio product. To view an event: You can record notes to yourself when your phone is not in a call or record phone idfn when your phone is in a call.

Media Center Under certain conditions, some DRM vendors will not charge you if you download an item multiple times within a given time frame. Temporary Profiles Profiles When you do this, your phone either: Page Reset All returns all settings to their original defaults and erases all stored i60.

Alpha — Press a key several times for each character.

Took a while but it worked Written on: Works best in clear weather. If you are k760 in using our specs commercially, check out our Phone specs database licensing page.


Using Symbols Mode 1 Select Symbols as your text input mode. Advanced Calling Features Note: Contact Nextel Customer Care for your default unlock code. Phone call is on hold. With the Flip Closed 1 Press idden display the most recent call. Page 99 3 Select the Quick Note you want to insert into the message.

From the recent calls list, select the item you want information on.

Motorola i specs

Page Service or Equipment to any credit reporting agency or industry clearinghouse. To turn off State Tone: The former usually features a light source and liquid crystals, while the latter is based on organic light-emitting diodes. Straightforward process to obtain the unlock code for my HTC device. Creating Profiles 3 Press m.

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