Sharpening the border between text etc. Return Cartridge added product. Description Develop TNC cyan toner. Select colors for printing. On the [Other] tab, check the [Convert to Gray Scale] box and set the threshold the differential RGB values to be converted into gray scale.

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Return Cartridge added product. If you have a question and you would like to talk, just give us a call on In [Select Color] in the [Quality] tab, select a color mode oneo printing.

Develop Imaging Units | Develop Document Printers from OTC

When you open the [Quality] tab and set the [Select Color] to [Auto Color], the image is automatically converted into gray scale and printed if the RGB values of the original are below the thresholds you have set. But now DEVELOP has launched a new series of printers 25 produces black-and-white documents as economically as a monochrome system would — and brings users the added value of high-impact colour.

Order now, we’ll dispatch on Monday! Saving toner [Toner Save] Selecting the [Toner Save] check box in the [Quality] tab adjusts the printing density in order to save the amount of toner consumed. Minolta R fuser unit original. Shopping cart Quantity Jneo No products. When you are using the PCL colojr, you can adjust the brightness and contrast. In the [Quality] tab, click [Font Settings]. Sharpening the border between coloir etc. Specifying the compression ratio of graphic images [Image Compression] PCL only In [Image Compression] in the [Quality] tab, select whether the quality or printing speed is preferred when the volour data contained in the original is compressed.


In the [Quality] tab, click [Quality Adjustment]. In [Color Settings] in the [Quality] tab, select the optimum color setting mode for the original. Leitz plastic bank giro binder, 75mm red. By closing this message or starting to navigate on this website, you agree to the usage of cookies.

Waste Toner Bottles for Develop Printers & MFD’s

This product is end of life. In [Image Compression] in the [Quality] tab, select whether the quality or printing speed is preferred when the image data contained in the original is compressed.

So businesses were forced to work with one printer for colour and another for black-and-white documents. Develop TNM magenta toner original. Sharpen the edges of images such as text in the table and graphics to improve legibility.

Select the [Black Over Print] check box 2550 superimpose black color on a neighboring color to print so as to prevent white space being generated around black characters or figures. Description This toner cloth acts like a magnet and attracts toner powder imeo the powder in it’s fibers.


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Chapter and cover mode, test ieo, colour image adjustment, creative mode, poster mode, book copy. Please view the pdf brochure for accurate information. In the [Quality] tab, select the [Glossy Mode] check box. Select this check box to replace TrueType fonts with printer fonts during printing.

Description Develop TNK black toner. By continuing, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. Description Develop IUY yellow imaging unit. Konica Minolta waste toner collector original. Description Develop IUC cyan imaging unit.

Making the image glossy [Glossy Mode] Images are printed with a glossy finish. Description Develop TNM magenta toner. Develop TNK black toner original. Konica Minolta waste toner collector original Zoom in Original Konica Minolta waste toner collector, capacity pages.