ExpressCache is heuristic and will “learn” from what the users habits are and will load blocks of files that the user will be using. They both use a fast SSD to cache data from a slower but larger traditional hard drive. As far as why it’s used, is that ideally it allows for the best of both worlds. It looked like ExpressCache was properly installed , but the drive was partitioned into 2 segments. Reinstalling keeps throwing that error

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There are some feature differences between the two. They compliment each other. I got version 1. Post as a guest Name. Samsung also just bought a company that makes SSD caching software so they might change what they ship with their laptops. Message 7 of This also could explain noticeable bad expdesscache performance on this machine.

Also, thanks a ton for the info so far!

IntelĀ® Cache Acceleration Software (IntelĀ® CAS)

ExpressCache contains technology that will constantly, from a background task, defragment the users disk subsystem. See our Sustainability Report. I have wondered the same recently, exppresscache I can’t seem to install the new version. Specifying the disk ” eecmd.


I got it working using different guidestips and tricks found on line on different sites.

Our commitment to the environment Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to expressscache design and recycling solutions. Expresscafhe 6 of Then, use the eecmd. This website uses cookies. Some of the differences of note, beyond what has been stated is:. Any ideas on how to proceed?

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. But If I recall wellI didn ‘ t get that errorbut the process did not go all too smooth either.

Here is a link to the download: I would say without a doubt that ExpressCache isn’t optimized for how you are using your PC, and maybe this is why you aren’t noticing a huge benefit to it.

I suspect it is from rebooting, but I rarely reboot my computer, so I’m not gaining much from it. ExpressCache isn’t really needed.

Message 3 of It’s about the expresscacge thing that I feel is ‘bad’ on otherwise pretty well balanced machine.


ExpressCache – Wikipedia

Register Sign In Help. Here are some examples of the UI of the two products: I hope this was helpful And the cache is nearly full. I formatted mSSD my license plate and express cache take care of everything now.

So you can get it with a Samsung notebook but can’t buy it separately. I don’t know expresscachr sure, but the thrashing may be caused by ExpressCache. It looked like ExpressCache was properly installedbut the drive was partitioned into 2 segments. If your system supports IRST, just use that.

I know I ‘ m a bit late to the partybut this seemed more efficient than starting a new thread.