Has anybody done this? You should see the ZIP drive show up in the boot messages as device vpo0 or vpo1, depending on which parallel port the drive is attached to. But there’s no harm in trying, so give it a shot. Tue Mar 19, Email Required, but never shown. Add a line like the following, edited to suit your system:.

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To support SCSI devices, the operating system need only have a driver for the particular host adapter, and a generic driver for each type of device, i. iomsga

How to Connect an Iomega Zip Drive With Parallel Interface to a USB Port on a Computer

See these Microsoft Knowledge Base articles for more info:. EPP modes may not work correctly with ports using address 3BC. If your installation has an older version, you can upgrade it to 2.

Er, not really a subset, more of an add-on. ZIP drives are available as internal or external units, using one of three interfaces: You’ll need to enable the following drivers in Device Drivers:. ZIP drives should not be confused with the super-floppy, a megabyte floppy drive which also handles traditional 1.

There’s also PATA internal 3. If there is a working linux driver that is part of the main kernel tree, then there is a documented way to talk to the darn thing. Some systems won’t even power up parqllel anything connected to the parallel port has been turned on first. As i mentioned you might just bite the bullet and outsource it.


Has anybody done this? Pay someone to do it.

Mar 25, Posts: EXE program attempts to find the optimal settings for your system, but they can also be set manually. Parallel port speed varies considerably between various computers, and can often be configured in the system BIOS. Reading old zip disks 19 posts.

Otherwise, to connect your Raspberry Pi to the parallel Zip drive you’ll probably need to use the GPIO port, write your own drivers and maybe add some buffering circuits of some sort. Make sure the ZIP drive is connected to the parallel port before the boot begins.

If that happens, then copy v2. In theory, that should be sufficient to get you access, but I’m not certain if a USB parallel port will work for this glancing at the code, as long as the driver looks like a parallel port it should work. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Fri Mar 15, 6: But if your parallel port is on a oimega rather than part of the motherboard, then it may be done via a hardware jumper on the card.

Be sure to connect your drive directly to the parallel port using the supplied cable, and make intwrface the cable is tightly connected at both ends. Feb 27, Posts: Sat Mar 16, larallel This should be done with a great deal of caution, and only if para,lel feel confident about making modifications to your kernel configuration.


Sign up using Email and Password. Seems like the simplest way. If drivers exist to connect old hardware up to new computers, that may be more convenient than using an old system as a server. Choosing the wrong settings for your system might result in anything from the drive not being recognized to data corruption; so be para,lel with these.

Iomega Parallel-Port Configuration Issues

Post as a guest Name. It probably isn’t the best approach in the OP’s situation, but it’s often helpful to know that a workable fallback plan will exist even if there’s no way to get drivers working on newer hardware.

If you haven’t accessed the disks in years and years, then is it really worth it to set up, look at the disks, then trash them anyways?